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* Prior to the [[MCD:Spooky Fall|Spooky Fall Event]], there was never any unique artifacts, this was changed when the [[MCD:Corrupted Pumpkin|Corrupted Pumpkin]] was added, making it the first unique artifact {{in|Dungeons}}.
Artifacts don't have unique variants.

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Artifact is a category of items that are imbued with mysterious powers and can be equipped by the player as weapons or to increase stats. There are currently 28 known artifacts. All are obtainable except for the Totem of Soul Protection.


Artifacts are rewarded to players each time a level is completed. They can be previously obtainable from the Mystery Merchant, Luxury Merchant and Village Merchant. They can also be found in obsidian loot chests. They can also be obtained by killing Piggy Banks.


Artifacts require a cooldown between uses - a short period of time during which they regain their power and cannot be used or switched by a different one mid-battle.

List of artifacts