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Anima Conduit
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Applicable to
Soul gear only




Each soul you absorb grants a small amount of health..

In-game description

Anima Conduit is an enchantment in Minecraft Dungeons that heals the player a small percent of their max health upon absorbing a soul. The amount of health granted increases with each tier.


Tier Effect Cost
I 2% of max health per soul 1 Enchantment Point
II 4% of max health per soul 2 Enchantment Points
III 6% of max health per soul 3 Enchantment Points


The Anima Conduit Enchantment can only be gained as an enchantment on soul weapons i.e. weapons that have soul gathering normally.

Anima Conduit triggers even if you don't kill the enemy with the weapon. You need only to have it equipped. For example, when you kill enemies with your primary you still get life even if you just have it on your bow.