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Adriene, formerly known as Hedwig, has hot pink hair, brown skin, brown lips, a white sleeveless shirt, a dark green t-shirt and pants. She also wears blue bracelets on both hands, she also wears a belt. She is nicknamed "Pinky" by Karl from the novel "Minecraft Dungeons: The Rise of the Arch-Illager" by Matt Forbeck. Adriene is an equipable skin in Minecraft Dungeons, and one of the main four heroes. She is seen equipped with Full Metal Armor and armed with a Mace in the official artwork by Mojang Studios.


Minecraft Dungeons
Sept 29, 2018Hedwig appears in the Minecraft Dungeons announcement trailer. Hedwig is missing the hat layer.
June 9, 2019Hedwig reappears in the Minecraft Dungeons gameplay reveal trailer. Hedwig now has their hat layer.
Dungeons BetaHedwig.png Added Hedwig
?Changed name from Hedwig to Adriene. Still called Hedwig internally.