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Minecraft 1.0 (Java Edition)
Starting version

1.0.0 (November 18, 2011)

Latest version





Minecraft 1.0 is the official release of Minecraft for the Java Edition. It was released during MineCon on 2011-11-18 by Notch at the keynote address ceremony at 21:54:50 GMT. Jeb confirmed the version number 1.0 in a tweet while also stating that the game would be officially out of Beta. 1.0.0 includes bug fixes from the Beta 1.9 Pre-releases as well as new sounds and other minor changes. This is the version of Minecraft that is charged at full price (€19.95, £16.95, or $26.95) to new players, but Alpha and Beta players receive this copy through regular updating. After the release, Notch said in an interview that he was nervous about releasing a full game that would be rated and reviewed. Upon release, the game was well received and was given high ratings by many gaming websites and fan reviews.

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