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Minecraft - Volume Alpha
Minecraft - Volume Alpha cover.png
Studio album by

Daniel Rosenfeld


March 4, 2011[1]





Available as

LP, CD, digital download




Minecraft - Volume Alpha is the first soundtrack released for Minecraft by C418, which features all of the songs available since Alpha made by him plus some extras. It was released on March 4, 2011,[1] on c418.bandcamp.com. The second Minecraft soundtrack album, Minecraft - Volume Beta, was released on November 9, 2013.

Track listing[edit]

Tracks by C418 have been shortened to 30 seconds on this wiki, due to an agreement with the composer. "11" is exempt from this.
No. Title Filename in Minecraft Length Track preview "Description" found on C418's website
1. "Key" nuance1.ogg 1:05 opens
2. "Door" 1:51 Welcome!
3. "Subwoofer Lullaby" hal1.ogg 3:28 Imagine a forest with a subwoofer on overdrive...
4. "Death" 0:41 Totally worth it though
5. "Living Mice" hal2.ogg 2:57 Yes, I mean you.
6. "Moog City" 2:40 Imagine that!
7. "Haggstrom" hal3.ogg 3:24 MHG MHG MHG
8. "Minecraft" calm1.ogg 4:14 The very first and last song.
9. "Oxygène" nuance2.ogg 1:05 Accidental reference obviously.
10. "Équinoxe" 1:54 No reference in here!
11. "Mice on Venus" piano3.ogg 4:41 Or mars.
12. "Dry Hands" piano1.ogg 1:08 Yep!
13. "Wet Hands" piano2.ogg 1:30 And cold too.
14. "Clark" calm2.ogg 3:11 <3
15. "Chris" 1:27 He likes it.
16. "Thirteen" 13.ogg 2:56 No human was harmed in the making of this recording.
17. "Excuse" 2:04 ...
18. "Sweden" calm3.ogg 3:35 Wonderful country
19. "Cat" cat.ogg 3:06 You know what they say - curiosity killed the cat.
20. "Dog" 2:25 I don't know about dogs though...
21. "Danny" hal4.ogg 4:14 All his fault
22. "Beginning" 1:42 All his fault
23. "Droopy Likes Ricochet" 1:36 Featured in the video on minecraft.net
24. "Droopy Likes Your Face" 1:56 Not featured in the video on minecraft.net but nontheless[sic] completes the song


  • The first three tracks are connected together, and so are tracks 5 and 6, 9 and 10, 14 through 17, and 19 through 21.
  • The last two tracks are from C418's previous album Life Changing Moments Seem Minor in Pictures.
  • The tracks "Oxygène" and "Équinoxe" are likely references to the albums of the same names by Jean-Michel Jarre.
  • Some of the songs in C418's album 148 are remixes of songs found in this album.
  • The version of Dry Hands found in this album is different from the version found in game.

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