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This page documents the events that take place in the fourth chapter of Minecraft: The Lost Journals.
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Chapter 22: The Grandmother Journal[edit]

When Alison returns to the room the Freya and Max are in, she looks inside the chest of eyes of ender and stumbles across a journal containing information about them. Alison thinks that her grandma Dia may have written it, but upon further investigation, she realizes that not only was her own grandma Nicholas' companion, but that Nicholas used the nickname "Boots" because of her last name. While she begins crafting some armor, Freya and Max begin searching for Bunny Biter. They stumble across some skeletons carrying banners instead of weapons, and to Max's shock, he realizes that Alison's mother had made the banners and had given them to Nicholas as a gift. Max falls under the belief that Nicholas might be dead, but Freya quickly points out that Nicholas is giving the banners to the skeletons to use. Alison finishes up putting eyes of ender, weapons, obsidian, water buckets, and food in her inventory.

Chapter 23: New Uses for Cursed Armor[edit]

A few pages from Nicholas' journal are shown. Nicholas says that he "can only carry so much, both physically and emotionally" and that he fears that he is at his end. Nicholas also says that if his final journals are found to tell his family that he is sorry for his mistakes, to apologize to Freya for not taking up her hospitality, and that "Boots" was right "about most things". Nicholas then mentions that he discovered a fortress and wanted to inhabit it, but "found an ancient, crumbling structure nearby". He then rests in a small room before being surrounded by hostile mobs. Nicholas says that he began to intentionally enchant his leather armor with curses of binding, saying that he is doing it to save his life. Nicholas also mentions that he is putting helmets on backwards on the skeleton's heads and dressing them with banners "to perhaps alert someone to my presence" to no avail. He then says that he is keeping the mobs from attacking them, but is nearly out of leather, and ran out of food.

Freya and Max come across Bunny Biter attacking the skeletons, and the two split up. Freya and Bunny Biter continue attacking the skeletons, while Max finds a way into the makeshift shack that Nicholas is hiding in. Eventually, Max takes down the skeletons by the shack with ease. Nicholas and Max engage in a hug, and Max explains everything that had happened while Nicholas was gone. The trio begin heading back to Allison, and Nicholas mentions that him and Alison's grandparents (grandma Dia and grandpa Robert) were close friends. Robert had no taste for adventuring, but Dia had a strong curiosity for such, and assisted Nicholas with enchanting and brewing while he did the crafting and building. Nicholas then mentions that Dia had died of old age.

Chapter 24: Alison Is Boots All Over Again[edit]

Max, Freya, and Nicholas reunite with Alison, who shows Nicholas Dia's journal. The group then begin preparing to head back to the Overworld.

Chapter 25: Alison and Max Wish They Ran Track in School[edit]

As the group begin finding a place to build a nether portal, Freya hesitates on staying in the Nether, but changes her mind pretty quickly. Nicholas and Max get into a mild argument over armor, but quickly diffuse it. They then scurry around some magma cubes. Max's armor begins to chafe, while Alison and Freya take down some blazes. Eventually, they make it to a partially completed portal, but soon go up against a ghast, defeating it easily. The group then hide from more oncoming ghasts.

Chapter 26: Nicholas's Terrible Armor Is Useful[edit]

Max begins excavating some obsidian as Freya and Alison user their bows on some ghasts. Eventually, Max completes the portal, but is thrown back by a ghast. His burning armor somehow lights the portal and he immediately goes through.

Chapter 27: Ghast Tears Are Not Wolf Treats[edit]

Nicholas and Alison go through soon after, with Freya staying behind to look for Bunny Biter. As the group realize they are thousands of blocks from home, Freya rejoins them soon after with Bunny Biter. Nicholas hands Alison a journal from Dia documenting her and Nicholas' first adventure together. The group decide to rest for the night. Max suggests going through the Nether again and building a portal at Freya's fortress, but the offer is shot down by the rest of the group.

Epilogue, or When We Know The Story Isn't Over[edit]

A note from Alison is shown, mentioning that she had transcribed Nicholas' journals and made notes. She mentions that the group's adventure in the Nether was "trying and hard", but ended up finding "so much more than we anticipated", as well as info about Dia, meeting Freya, and saving Nicholas. While Alison doubts her adventure is far from over, she says that she is no longer afraid of what she'll encounter, and that "the five of us can handle anything".