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This page documents the events that take place in the third chapter of Minecraft: The Lost Journals.
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Chapter 15: Master Architect, Failed Enchanter[edit]

As Alison finishes drinking a healing potion, she apologizes to Max for lashing out at him. Freya then examines the helmet that Alison was wearing, and to her relief, it had the Thorns enchantment. Alison then talks with Max about his uncle Nicholas, and Max explains that he was a very good architect: winning awards for ice castles, building big houses in villages, and building the tree house for Alison's family. Max also mentions that when Nicholas was younger, he did some exploring with an archivist named Boots, who did enchanting and brewing. Boots later left for reasons unknown, but Nicholas wanted to follow in his footsteps and started doing some enchanting and brewing in his makeshift cabin (the same one that Max and Alison found). This, however, made Max's parents furious. They said that Nicholas "wasn't doing his part of the family job", and barred Max from seeing him. Max then says that he snuck out one night to try out an enchanted helmet thought to have respiration, but instead was a curse of binding. He barely survived, but with serious consequences: Max's family banished him from the nearby village, and Nicholas blew up the cabin. Max, Alison and Freya reconcile and decide to help bring Nicholas back to the Overworld.

Chapter 16: Unnamed Helmet[edit]

As Alison and Max eat some mushroom soup, Freya inspects equipment in the crafting room. She enchants Max's golden sword with knockback, and gives Max and Alison a set a diamond armor. Max puts an enchantment table and various books into his inventory, while Alison and Freya put food, potions, and other necessary equipment into theirs. The trio begin heading toward the front of the fortress. Eventually they come across a sea of lava, and upon closer inspection, they find a treehouse on an island of netherrack believed to belong to Nicholas.

Chapter 17: Bookcases in Your Back Pocket[edit]

The three decide to monitor the island for the time being. Max also decides to enchant some armor with Fire Protection while Freya gives everyone a potion of fire resistance. The trio then swim through the lava to the island. Unbeknownst to Alison and Freya, Max botches his enchantments on his own armor and decides not to drink the fire resistance potion, causing him to obtain burns across his whole body. The trio then notice the wither skeletons on the island are encased in glass. While Freya keeps an eye on Bunny Biter, Max and Alison go to inspect the treehouse. On the front door is a note with two words: "GO AWAY".

Chapter 18: Not a Useless Skill After All[edit]

The inside of the treehouse is soon populated by endermen; Max and Alison have no choice but to run back to Freya, who accidentally broke a glass encasing with a wither skeleton after being frightened by an enderman. The trio then begin heading back to the outer edge of the lava lake. Max's golden sword breaks after attacking an enderman, but the trio eventually make it back to shore. Max then realizes the note on the door was meant for Freya, so he hands it to her and she reads it aloud. It says that Nicholas appreciates her kindness for rescuing him, but he doesn't deserver kindness and blames himself for Max's supposed death. He requests that Freya not follow her farther because "it's just going to get more dangerous" for her. The bottom of the note says for Freya not to come inside the treehouse due to the amount of endermen and skeletons wandering it. Alison then shows the group a cut on her wrist, all black and puckered. Freya believes that she got Wither from a wither skeleton. Alison decides to rest while Max and Freya inspect the map. Freya believes that Nicholas in in the End, and she still believes the group can find him. The last few pages showcase part of Nicholas' journal, highlighting information about endermen, the End in general, and another failed enchantment attempt.

Chapter 19: The Wrong Way[edit]

Alison wakes up after Freya pokes her gently. Freya inspects Alison's arm and says that she urgently needs milk. The two realize that Max has run off along with Bunny Biter and decide to go after him. Max eventually makes it back to the island of netherrack and is able to go inside the treehouse. As Max checks out the place, he stumbles across Nicholas' journal in the basement. The journal mentions that Max watches Nicholas when he enchants items, and while Nicholas couldn't help but laugh, he knew that laughing would uncover Max's hiding spot. Nicholas then mentions that although Max can build, he is no "architect" as Max's builds will have their visual appeal appear negligent. Nicholas then mentions that he planned on telling Max about his spying and training him on enchanting in secret, and that he can't read his previous entries because "they drip with pride and confidence". Nicholas is still under the belief that he is responsible for Max's death, which is the reason why he blew up the old cabin and built a new one in the Nether, saying that there is "nothing left in this world but pain". Max had tears in his eyes upon reading those pages, and began to read another piece, in which Nicholas said that he was "searching for an existing fortress to capture for my own". This makes Max realize that Nicholas isn't in the End, but is instead looking for a new home in the Nether.

Chapter 20: Max's Mom Taught Her Boy Politeness[edit]

Max takes some diamond armor, potions, and milk, and hurries back to the outer edge of the lava lake. He then meets back up with Freya and Alison and explains his actions. Freya explains that she saw a fortress guarded by skeletons, blazes, and zombie pigmen. Max gives Alison some milk to cure her Wither, and the trio head out to find Nicholas.

Chapter 21: More Breaking and Entering[edit]

The trio arrive at the fortress, and start going after the skeletons. Suddenly, a magma cube lands in front of them, and they have no choice but to split up. They end up killing the magma cubes with ease and begin heading inside the fortress. They come across many rooms filled with crafting and enchantment tables, numerous items the trio have never seen before (ghast tears, blaze powder, and eyes of ender), and even more enchantment books. Unable to find Nicholas, the trio decide to split up again, with Alison lighting the hallways with torches. Freya begins reading a journal from someone named "Leocadia Stiefel" which contains information about ghasts.