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This page documents the events that take place in the second chapter of Minecraft: The Lost Journals.
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Chapter 8: Doom, Surely[edit]

Max and Alison enter the Nether, but soon realize they are stuck as the creeper blew up the portal. The two have no choice but to explore the Nether in search for the "Enchanter", being pursued by chicken jockeys.

Chapter 9: To a Wolf, It's All Just a Game[edit]

Max and Alison are still in pursuit by chicken jockeys, but reach a dead end. The two have no choice but to climb a hill. Upon reaching the top, the two notice a girl shooting arrows at the chicken jockeys alongside her wolf. The girl gives Max and Alison a bow and a quiver, and the trio take down the onslaught within minutes. The girl then introduces herself as Freya, and invites Max and Alison to her home in a fortress.

Chapter 10: To the Victor Goes The Spoiled Meat[edit]

The trio enter Freya's storeroom as Max cooks some rotten flesh in a nearby furnace. Freya introduces the two to her wolf, known as Bunny Biter. Freya then mentions her past, explaining that her family were travelers, checking out various biomes. They decided to enter the Nether after exploring all the biomes in the Overworld, and Freya also mentions that her mom was killed by a blaze attack. Alison has a flashback to when her treehouse exploded, and her parents, sister, and grandmother had seemingly gone missing, but she clears it from her mind. Alison thinks on leaving the next morning, but Freya insists they stay and asks if they want to see a "special room".

Chapter 11: The Locked Room Is Mightier Than the Sword[edit]

The trio head to the "special room" which is merely a storage room and then to the basement, which has a library, enchantment tables, and crafting tables. Defeating the skeletons that have spawned in it, Max has an arrow lodged in his shoulder, which is removed after he drinks a potion of healing. Alison and Max insist that Freya come home with them, but she refuses saying that the Nether is her home. The trio then come up with a compromise: Freya will help Alison and Max head back home, but she says that she "can't promise anything" afterward.

Chapter 12: The Enchanter with No Name[edit]

The trio begin questioning about rescuing the "Enchanter", who is revealed to be a male. Freya mentions that she met someone resembling the supposed "Enchanter" a few weeks ago that was caring its symbol onto a wall. Freya then mentions that the enchanter's name is Nicholas, and Alison chases after Max.

Chapter 13: Lies and Soup[edit]

Alison has a flashback to when she was living with her grandmother Dia, and informs her that there are architects are coming over to her place, including Nicholas, Max's uncle. Dia refuses at first, but later accepts as the group are having pumpkin pie for dessert. Later, Nicholas mentioned to Dia that he has a pact. Dia gets angry at Nicholas about spreading rumors and walks back up to the attic. The flashback is cut short as Alison attempts to talk to Max. Max explains that Nicholas was a person who had a hobby for enchanting, but was terrible at it. Max then mentions that one night, he had tested an enchanted helmet in the water, but didn't realize that the enchantment was not respiration, but a curse of binding. Though Max barely survived, his uncle had left him. Alison then mentions to Max that her parents died because she intentionally led a creeper to the house and let it blow up. Alison then runs away, and comes face-to-face with a skeleton.

Chapter 14: When Not to Act Rashly[edit]

Alison quickly heads back to the fortress and gets in a tussle with a few skeletons. Max, Freya, and Bunny Biter quickly rush to her aid. The next few pages showcase a part of the journal from Nicholas, mentioning various potions that don't work with fermented spider eyes, as well as a diagram of a house with a basement. Nichaols also mentiones in the journal that he has quit being an enchanter, and that when people begin "begging for my potions and enchantments", he'll "give it to them because I am not cruel".