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This page documents the events that take place in the second chapter of Minecraft: The Island.
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Chapter 12: Risk and Reward[edit]

The person then sets up a furnace out by the nearby beach and spends the rest of the morning fishing, noticing the different kinds of fish. While fishing, the person kills a squid and discovers a pair of leather boots, and realizes they need armor to protect themselves. The person then begins mining for iron ore, making an iron pickaxe and a iron helmet in the process, eventually making an iron sword. Going back into the cave, the person later discovers bats, and gets in a tussle with two skeletons.

Chapter 13: When the World Changes...[edit]

The person heads back up to the garden and discovers how breeding and bonemeal work. By nightfall, the person ends up having a nightmare about creepers, and realizes that if they get enough torches, then no hostile mobs will spawn on the surface. After a few days of mining, the person discovers gunpowder, lapis lazuli, and how shields work.

Chapter 14: Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings[edit]

The player begins going after some hostile mobs with the newfound shield, and discovers lava. A zombie pushes the person in, but the person barely survives.

Chapter 15: Take Care of Your Environment So It Can Take Care of You[edit]

The person that realizes that water cools lava, and discovers obsidian, gold, and diamonds in the process. The person later goes up against a witch, but barely survives. Upon arriving home, the person learns how to craft cake, and decides that everything to the east of the island would be his, and that everything to the west will be left untouched.

Chapter 16: Everything has A Price[edit]

The person then decides to make a home up on a hill, with construction taking about four weeks to finish. The person replanted birch trees, built an entryway over the former “HELP” sign, and made it several stories tall, complete with a wraparound kitchen, a grand bedroom, a workshop, and a chicken coop. The home went up as high as the clouds.

Chapter 17: It’s not Failure That Matters, but How You Recover[edit]

The house is engulfed in flames and lava, but the person vows to recover from this experience.

Chapter 18: When Trying to Tell Yourself Something, Listen![edit]

The person then begins lighting up the entirety of the island with torches. Suddenly, a thunderstorm appears, and the person begins making a house once more. The person later understands how to make paintings. Going back underground, the person runs into a baby zombie, as well as discovering mushrooms and a mineshaft. In the mineshaft, the person finds a minecart with a chest containing an iron pickaxe and diamond armor enchanted with Protection.

Chapter 19: Books Make the World Bigger[edit]

The person takes a second trip back into the mineshaft, discovering redstone and a few sets of seeds. Arriving back at the garden, the seeds turn out to be melon seeds. Heading back to the mineshaft, the person discovers a skeleton dungeon. In the dungeon are two chests, one of them being a book on how to make jukeboxes and note blocks. Heading back underground, the person discovers an endermen and two books titled “Wildlife” and “Food”, respectively.

Chapter 20: Revenge Hurts Only You[edit]

The next day, the person heads back underground, discovering more diamonds, and a chest with three books about redstone. Suddenly, a cave spider attacks the person, giving it poison, followed by several more cave spiders. The person barely survives, but is attacked by even more hostile mobs. With no food or weapons, the person builds a wall in an opening and closes it off.

Chapter 21: Knowledge, Like A Seed, Needs the Right Time To Bloom[edit]

Now that the person understand the six P’s, the person goes back to square one and does various tasks: fishing, mining, crafting. The person later finds a book titled “Navigation”, with info on how to craft maps, signs, a book and quill, and a compass, and discovers how TNT is made. The person then goes around the underground caverns, destroying every spawner and mob that is in its way.

Chapter 22: The End and The Beginning[edit]

The person then comes up to a wall, and upon looking back, sees gravel coming down in waves. Water also breaks in, and the person has no choice but to swim to the surface.


Upon breaking the surface, the person packs for a long voyage and leaves a note at the house for a visitor, along with a list of things that the person has learned. At Minecon 2020, We get a sneak peek at the new book in the series, where the person finds land, and meets another person.