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This page documents the events that take place in the first chapter of Minecraft: The Island.
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Chapter 1: Never Give Up[edit]

A person is drowning in the ocean when it sees a light from above. Swimming towards it, the person gasps for air as it breaks the surface, and proceeds to swim toward land, suspicious that it’s made of blocks. Upon swimming ashore, the person checks for any injuries, only to find that its hands and body are now shaped like squares and rectangles, and begins to realize that this may be a dream. Shrugging off the thought for a bit, the person begins figuring out how this “world” works in numerous ways.

Chapter 2: Panic Drowns Thought[edit]

The person scours the land for food, managing to find a few apples. Upon surveying the land, the person concludes that it’s “stretched out like a claw, two wooded pincers nearly enclosing a round, shallow lagoon.” The person also runs into a cow, two sheep, and a chicken before nightfall. The person then sees a zombie, and attempts to hide underground. Upon doing so, the person begins to imagine the zombie saying to the person that the world that they are in isn’t a dream, so the person now has to figure out how to survive in this world.

Chapter 3: Don’t Assume Anything[edit]

Eventually, daybreak arrives, and the person leaves from the underground hideaway to find the zombie has died, leaving behind rotten flesh. The person also makes the word “HELP” out of dirt blocks, and begins to learn crafting, making items such as a button, a chest, a few bowls, and a boat. The person begins sailing away from the patch of land, but then realizes that the decision to do so was a mistake, and eventually makes it back.

Chapter 4: Details Make the Difference[edit]

Upon arriving back at the island, the person makes a house out of dirt and wood and proceeds to make numerous tools such as a shovel, an axe, a hoe, and two pickaxes during nightfall.

Chapter 5: Be Grateful for What You Have[edit]

Daybreak arrives once more, and the person begins making a wheat farm, whilst managing to curb starvation by eating an apple and raw chicken. By nightfall, the person ends up making a furnace, using it to make cooked chicken.

Chapter 6: Overconfidence[edit]

Throughout the night, the person understands how furnaces work in this world, and learns how to make glass. The person begins wondering about what could be built with this new material until a spider interrupts. The spider eventually dies, and the person begins having a craving for warmth; the person begins throwing away wooden planks and tools into the furnace before it discovers coal, and understands how torches work.

Chapter 7: Take Life in Steps[edit]

By daybreak, the person comes across another spider and panics, injuring their leg in the process. The person soon realizes that spiders aren’t hostile during the daytime, but decides to head to shore anyway out of an abundance of caution. Upon looking back at the island, the spider and the person lock eyes for a few seconds before the spider suddenly disappears. Heading back to the house, the person discovers how sugar cane and various dyes work, chops down some birch trees, crafts a stone axe, and has a discussion with a cow regarding how this world works.

Chapter 8: The Way[edit]

The person begins to create an outline of planning, preparing, and prioritizing; the person daydreams about making an observation room before nightfall hits. Suddenly, numerous spiders, skeletons, zombies, and creepers go after the person, who has no choice but to retreat to shelter. By daybreak, the person begins mining, running into some gravel on the way down, and finds coal and iron ore.

Chapter 9: Friends Keep You Sane[edit]

By nightfall, the person sets up torches in a meadow near the home, and crafts a bucket and shears. By daybreak, the person decides to check on the wheat farm, and realizes that plants need water to grow; the person then collects water, but accidentally destroys the wheat farm. The person then tries to craft something out of milk, wheat, eggs, and sugar, but fails.

Chapter 10: Nothing Clears the Mind Like Sleep[edit]

Another night passes, and the person begins fixing the wheat farm, as well as learning how to use a bow. The person then shears wool from a sheep and crafts a bed, finally being able to sleep through the night.

Chapter 11: Courage is A Full-Time Job[edit]

By daybreak, the person begins wondering on how to make a fishing rod, but nightfall hits soon after, and the person’s sleep is interrupted by a zombie, who dies at daybreak. The person then successfully crafts a fishing rod and begins fishing. The person catches a fish, and crafts bread out of wheat.