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Chapter 17: Welcome to My ED Talk[edit]

Kan, Mo, and Loathsome (the pet zombie horse) enter the End through the end portal. Soon after, Mo begins to cry whilst having flashbacks to when Lopp asked her if she needed a hubunit. Mo then confesses to Kan that she and Fin are humans. Kan understands this, saying that Mo came from the Overworld, and that he would "wish I were a human being with a pumpkin on his head". Kan also mentions that if Mo had come to the End at some point, that some endermen may have already seen it. Mo thinks that only Kraj could remember two humans arriving at the End, but Kan mentions that Kraj is now "Commander Kraj" and that he would "command you out of existence". The two then attempt to talk to the ender dragon, but Mo mentions to Kan that she can’t teleport as she isn’t an enderman. Realizing this, Kan grabs Mo and teleports them both to the top of an obsidian pillar. From there, Kan and Mo attempt to talk with the ender dragon. Mo inadvertently slips that Fin is back at the end ship, and the ender dragon mentions that he "knows" when Fin arrived and what happened to him, but it turns out to be a set up. As the ender dragon prepares for humans to arrive, Mo shows the dragon egg to the ender dragon and asks the ender dragon if it was killed. The ender dragon then begins to vomit toward Kan and Mo, but the two are able to teleport away before the vomit hits them. Instead, the obsidian pillar is engulfed in flames.

Chapter 18: Telos[edit]

Fin and Jess head over to the armory, which is located inside an end city. Fin is shocked at what he sees: everything that Fin and Mo had owned was discarded into a pile, ready for the other endersoldiers at a moment’s notice. As Fin tries to find the grindstone in the pile, he notices that Commander Kraj and Corporal Murrum are here as well, and motions for Jess to hide, in which she does so behind some water buckets. Fin hides behind the armory pile. Kraj and Murrum then enter the armory along with fifty-nine other endermen, and Murrum mentions that the end portal is gone. Kraj agrees, saying that "humans are a clever, sneaky species". Murrum then brings up the possibility that everything in the armory should be returned to the Endless fragments, but Kraj refuses, saying that humans are already here despite the portal not being here. Murrum questions Kraj about this, and Kraj explains that "everyone must be interrogated" to make sure they are not a human.

Fin’s legs eventually give way, causing a pair of boots to slide down the armory pile. As the boots hit the floor, the sound of a water bucket hitting the floor drowned out the noise from the boots, making the endermen attracted to it. Jess, disguised as an enderman thanks to the carved pumpkin on her head, tells Fin to teleport away, but he refuses. Jess then slips into formation with the fifty-nine other endermen. As the endermen begin to leave the ship, Kraj notices that there are too many endermen and discovers Jess among the group. Kraj then punches Jess, making her hit the wall, causing her carved pumpkin to shatter. Just as Kraj is about to kill Jess, Fin kills Kraj using a bow and arrow. As Murrum teleports toward the sound of the bow firing, Jess and Fin kill the other fifty-nine endermen. Eventually, Murrum overhears Fin speaking and bashes Fin’s head to the wall, causing the carved pumpkin on him to fall off, shocking Murrum. Both Jess and Fin are then taken to the Cage.

Chapter 19: Remember?[edit]

Fin eventually wakes up in a cage hanging over the ground, with one arm locked to a bar of the cage, and one foot locked to the floor. Mo, Kan, Jess, Loathsome, Roary, Koal, and Grumpo are all in the cage as well. Jess then mentions that the endermen are preparing a big ritual now that humans are here. Roary then motions for Fin to look down near his feet. He does, and is surprised to still have the grindstone, yet he doesn’t have any enchanted books. Thankfully, Roary, Koal, and Mo already have several enchanted books to use and give them to Fin as today is Endermas. Fin then disenchants one book, but is disgusted upon it being the "Luck of the Sea" enchantment. He tosses the book aside, but Mo points out that there is handwriting from Fin on the back of the enchantment instructions. Surprised, Fin picks it up and begins to read as follows:

It is always night in the End. There is no sunrise. There is no sunset. There are no clocks ticking away. But that does not mean there is no such thing as time. Or light. Ring after ring of pale yellow islands glow in the darkness, floating in the endless night. Violet trees and violet towers twist up out of the earth into the blank sky. Trees full of fruit, towers full of rooms. White crystal rods stand like candles at the corners of the towers and balconies, shining through the shadows. Sprawling, ancient, quiet cities full of these towers glitter all along the archipelago, purple and yellow like everything else in this place. Beside them float great ships with tall masts. Below them yawns a black and bottomless void. It is a beautiful place. And it is not empty.

We have always lived here. We cannot remember any other place. We grew up here. It is our home. No different from any of the hundreds of endermen you’ll find on any island here in the archipelago. We live on an end ship crammed with junk we snatched up from anywhere we could find it.

Kan’s eyes aren’t like the wide, clear magenta-violet eyes of other endermen. Kan’s eyes are green. No one knows why. No one can remember any other endermen who had green eyes, not in all the history of the End.

I’m going to call her Loathsome. Isn’t that a nice name for a nice horse who definitely will not eat my brains the minute I’m not looking?

I am afraid. So much has happened. Kraj is dead by my own hand. Eresha is dead. I have lost my twin. The ender dragon is dead. Poor Loathsome. Poor Grumpo. Poor all of us. The End itself is coming apart. The islands cannot hold. The sky is falling. If I try to forget what I’m looking at, it’s beautiful. Really. So beautiful. The towers of Telos are falling like confetti. It is coming. The great tide of memory will wash over me and I will know nothing about all this grief. And do you know? I think I welcome it. I have retreated to the ship. Lying on the deck, I can watch the night tear itself apart. When I close my eyes, I can hear Kan playing somewhere far away. Good. He is alive. I’m glad. He’s coming to find me. To be part of my End. It’s almost here. I can feel it moving through the islands. Completely inevitable. Why fight it? All hail the Great Chaos. Blessed be the Beginners. See you on the other side, Ultimo.

Fin flings the book away from him in fright. The book slips out of the cage as it plummets to the ground below. Roary disenchants another book, which is shown to have the "Feather Falling" enchantment, but discovers Mo’s handwriting behind the instructions. Mo reads it, with it being very much identical to Fin’s handwriting, except she thinks that her twin is alive and says that she’ll see "El Fin" on the other side. The rest of the enchanted books are disenchanted, being in either Fin or Mo’s handwriting. They are basically identical, except that some events were different and some names had changed. The group then begin to wonder who "Ultimo" and "El Fin" are. Mo confesses that the ender dragon called her "Ultimo". Koal then mentions that "Ultimo" could refer to "Supreme Brewmaster Ultimo". Roary follows up that "El Fin" could refer to "El Fin the Archmage". The group then hears a commotion down below, noticing Jax among several wounded endermen.

Chapter 20: Unknown Variables[edit]

Jax asks Mo why she had run off. Mo says that Jax was going to experiment on him. The two argue for a bit until Koal overhears endermen singing Endermas carols. As the endermen sing, Jax shoots an arrow from his crossbow, breaking the chain holding the cage to the obsidian pillar. As the group begin falling toward the ground, Fin notices the ender dragon hanging on the underside of the obsidian pillar. Jax then destroys the ender crystals on top of the obsidian pillars as Jess, Rorary, and Koal fly away with elytra. Fin, Mo, Kan, Loathsome, and Grumpo all fall to the ground. Grumpo hits the ground first, followed by Loathsome. Fin and Mo land on top of Grumpo and somehow fall into the shulker. Fin and Mo wake up in a purple chamber, and soon realize that they actually aren’t inside a shulker’s box. Grumpo then explains that he isn’t a shulker, but is actually the Great Chaos.

Chapter 21: All Hail The Great Chaos[edit]

The Great Chaos has a chat with Fin and Mo, saying that he "existed when the universe was new", that he knew the Beginners, who were "the builders of the End", and that he is "the eternal unpredictable stroke of chance in the cogs of creation". Mo questions the Great Chaos about the ender dragon, and he says that the ender dragon was his "dog", saying that he got lonely around two millenniums ago and "needed someone to snuggle and amuse me with its tricks". Fin then questions as to why the Great Chaos disguised himself as a shulker, and he says that he did so to observe Fin and Mo. Mo then questions as to why the Great Chaos called her Ultimo, but he doesn’t respond. He then mentions that a cycle always begins when something kills the ender dragon, and Fin mentions that chaos can abhor a cycle. The Great Chaos mentions that it was Fin and Mo who broke the cycle by keeping Kan alive. The Great Chaos then decides to call Mo "Ultimo the Magnificent" and Fin as "El Fin the Archmage".

"Ultimo the Magnificent" used to live in a graveyard, while "El Fin the Archmage" used to live in a desert palace made entirely out of torches. Both of them met and defeated the ender dragon, but instead of going through an exit portal, they decided to stay in the End instead. Mo then questions the Great Chaos about Kan, and he mentions that Kan was born differently, with his green eyes simply being a mutation of his DNA. The Great Chaos then mentions that this will be the 1,000th cycle that Fin and Mo were a part of. Fin and Mo then leave in an attempt to break the cycle.

Chapter 22: The Final Battle, Again[edit]

Ultimo the Magnificent and El Fin the Archmage respawn in the center of the End. The ender dragon is already fighting the humans. Jax prepares to fire the final shot, but Ultimo knocks the arrow out of his hand, enraging him. Jax tries again, but the ender dragon then eats the arrow. It then eats Jax, killing him. El Fin picks up a sword as Karshen and Koneka attack Koal and Jess. The ender dragon then releases dragon’s breath, killing Jess, Koal, Karshen, Koneka, and Loathsome. El Fin and Ultimo have no choice but to prepare to kill the ender dragon to break the cycle. Suddenly, they hear Kan playing his note block, which distracts the ender dragon long enough for Ultimo to shoot an arrow at the ender dragon. Just as the arrows hits the ender dragon, killing it, Ultimo is presumably killed by the ender dragon; its body slamming into her. El Fin and Kan run over to her and discover a dragon egg beside her body.

Chapter 23: A Tide of Memory[edit]

El Fin teleports back to the end ship and watches Telos crumbling in the distance. He then begins to write in a book with the "Curse of Binding" enchantment. As he finishes, he feels someone’s hand slipping into his. El Fin turns his head and is surprised to find out that it is Ultimo. El Fin and Ultimo engage in a hug. Ultimo explains that she is still alive thanks to a totem of undying. Kan then joins the two, and they rest in the hold of the end ship. An hour later, the tide of memory passes over the ship, resetting it to its original state. An hour after that, Grumpo emerges from the shulker box on the ship, putting carved pumpkins on the heads of El Fin and Ultimo before vanishing.

The atoms of the player were scattered in the grass, in the rivers, in the air, in the ground.[edit]

Another portion of the End Poem is shown here, mentioning that "the atoms of the player were scattered in the grass, in the rivers, in the air, in the ground", that a woman gathered the atoms by drinking and inhaling them, and that the woman "assembled the player, in her body". The player then "awoke, from the warm, dark world of its mother’s body, into a long dream". The player is described as "a new story, never told before, written in letters of DNA", as well as "a new program, never run before, generated by a sourcecode a billion years old", as well as "a new human, never alive before, made from nothing but milk and love". Finally, it is mentioned that "sometimes, the player created a small, private world that was soft and warm and simple".

Chapter 24: The End[edit]

Telos is reset to its original state. Fin teleports around Telos to find some goodies, and returns to the end ship with ender pearls. Mo, Jax, Koal, Jess, and Roary are all inside the end ship. Kan visits them every day. The end ship is crammed with stuff from humans that have died here: diamonds, emeralds, gold ore, lapis, etc.. One of the things they find is a "moldy greenish-blue" egg, which they set by a fire, hoping for something to happen to it. The group of endermen are happy to live here, despite other worlds existing. The End became their world, with their own things, their own kind, and their own story.