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This page documents the events that take place in the second chapter of Minecraft: The End.
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Chapter 9: Monsters[edit]

Fin and Mo soon realize they are humans as they have hair and clothing on them. Kan screams at the two, saying that the two are monsters, and teleports away from the ship. The group of humans then have a chat about pumpkins and suspicious stew. Mo then brings up how Kan remembered her and Fin during Endermas, and the other humans explain that endermen are bad. The humans then suggest they kill the ender dragon and head back to the Overworld, but Fin and Mo oppose the idea, saying that they will die in the Overworld. Jax, saying that he is bored, uses an ender pearl to teleport him and Mo away from the end ship, leaving Fin behind.

Sometimes the player dreamed it was lost in a story.[edit]

Another portion of the End Poem is shown, mentioning that "the player dreamed it was lost in a story", also saying that "sometimes the player dreamed it was other things, in other places", that the dreams were "disturbing" and also "very beautiful", and that "sometimes the player woke from one dream into another, then woke from that into a third".

Chapter 10: May the Great Chaos Smile Upon You[edit]

Kraj, Tamat, and Murrum are at Terminus, a holy island in the End. They are awaiting the arrival of Eresha, who is late. Eresha eventually arrives with the Mouth of the Great Chaos, who has no orders to give to Kraj. Eresha then explains that the "war" is over, and that the endermen should return home, with the Mouth supporting Eresha's decision. Kraj and Eresha argue about humans, with Eresha taking the title of commander away from Kraj. Angry, Kraj throws Eresha off the island, making him commander once more.

Chapter 11: The Heart of an Enderman[edit]

Jax teleports Mo close to the central island, with Jax preparing to kill the ender dragon. Mo, still thinking she is an enderman, calls out to an enderman believed to be "Lopp", but the enderman starts attacking her to no avail. Jax tries to kill the endermen, but the two are eventually teleported out of the End.

Chapter 12: The Overworld[edit]

Jax ends up killing the enderman in the Overworld. Mo soon realizes that she is in the Overworld as well. She squints her eyes in the sunlight, surveying her surroundings, noticing clouds and a forest biome. Mo also picks up the ender pearl that is said to be the heart of "Lopp". Eventually, Mo and her baby zombie horse follow Jax to his house. Mo decides to take a stone block off the wall, and Jax angrily heads upstairs. Mo explains to Jax about the battle between the Great Chaos and the Forces of Order, but then changes the subject to teleportation. Mo questions why she was able to teleport despite not being an enderman, so Jax decides to search in Mo's pockets, eventually revealing a totem of undying, an ender pearl, and a dragon egg. Jax ignores the former two items and focuses on the dragon egg, and eventually realizes that Mo may have killed an ender dragon.

Chapter 13: It's Complicated[edit]

Back in the End, Fin, Roary, Koal, and Jesster begin building something on the island below the end ship. Roary and Jesster begin chopping down the chorus trees, while Koal starts carving blocks of end stone. The group then chat about the End, and also mention that Jax really likes killing things. Jess explains that she likes building things, although is also interested in killing when Jax is around. Roary then brings up the time they fought a witch in a swamp, and also mentions that she likes crafting. Koal then mentions that he's more into exploring, saying it gives him a bit of everything with crafting, building, and killing mixed in. Fin, angrily, still thinks that his human friends are monsters, but realizes he has to eventually loosen up. Fin then realizes he can use his enchanted books to build a library, but is unsure of how to open them.

Chapter 14: In the Army Now[edit]

Commander Kraj gives Koneka an iron sword with the Bane of Arthropods enchantment and explains that it was donated to the endermen to prepare for the "war" with humans. Koneka refuses to use it at first, saying that endermen would be better off to use their fists in combat, but Kraj forces her to use it on Nif, a fellow enderfrag who is Koneka's sparring partner. Koneka hesitates, and so Kraj eventually takes the sword and kills an endermite. Kraj and Taskmaster Owari then get into a heated argument regarding how the end was built, but quickly dissolve it. Kraj then uses a potion of weakness on Owari to make her embrace order, if not for a little while.

Chapter 15: A Little Rain[edit]

Mo is in bed, dreaming of being in a place similar to the End, but with the sky being blue. Kraj begins breaking Mo apart, but Jax, appearing as an enderman, takes his place and puts Mo back together, congratulating her for killing the ender dragon. Mo wakes up in a fright, and decides to look out her bedroom window, eventually noticing Kan with his note block. The two have a chat about Jax, and Kan requests that Mo return to the End. She refuses at first, but eventually accepts after destroying part of Jax's house. They begin heading to the nearest stronghold, but instead take shelter from a rainstorm.

Chapter 16: Under Cover Of Night[edit]

Back in the End, the humans chat about Telos while Fin brings up the impending "war" with the humans. Fin also asks if there is a way to open the enchanted books, and Roary instantly says that a grindstone will do the trick. The humans say that opening the books may reveal why Fin became an enderman in the first place, and Fin accepts their offer, knowing the risk of what his past may actually be.