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This page documents the events that take place in the first chapter of Minecraft: The End.
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Once upon a time, there was a player.[edit]

A portion of the End Poem by Julian Gough is shown here, mentioning how the player thought it was human "on the thin crust of a spinning globe of molten rock", as well as how the player dreamed of being a miner "on the surface of a world that was flat, and infinite" with the sun being "a square of white", the days being short, and that "death was a temporary inconvenience".

Chapter 1: You and Me and Us and Them[edit]

The End is mentioned as having no sunrise or sunset, as well as "no clocks ticking away". The End is also mentioned as "ring after ring of pale yellow islands" glowing "in the darkness, floating in the endless night", and that the islands have "violet trees and violet towers" twisting up "into the blank sky", with "trees full of fruit" and "towers full of rooms" with "white crystal rods" standing "like candles at the corners of the tower roofs and balconies, shining through the shadows". The islands are also mentioned as being "full of endermen" with "their long, slender black limbs moving over little yellow hills and little yellow valleys", "their narrow pink-and-purple eyes" flashing, and "their thin black arms" swinging "to the rhythm of a soft, whispering music, plotting their plots and scheming their schemes in the tall, twisted buildings older then even the idea of a clock". Shulkers are also mentioned as "little yellow-green slugs hiding from outsiders" with "the gentle thudding sound of their cubes opening and closing" being described as "the heartbeat of the End". On the central island, there are "enormous obsidian towers" surrounding "a small pillar of gray stone ringed with torches" with lanterns gleaming from each tower, represented as flames "in a silver cage, shooting beams of light down from the towers into the grass, across a little gray courtyard, and out into the black sky". Finally, the ender dragon is mentioned as "something huge", "something with wings", "something that never tires", and having "purple eyes glow like furious fire".

The story then shifts to Fin and Mo, twin endermen living in Telos, the name for the land in the End. The two also have a pet shulker named Grumpo, and are wondering if there are any other worlds besides the End. The two eat some chorus fruit for lunch and then teleport to the central island where they meet Hubunit Paa, an elder enderman. All endermen worship an entity known as the Great Chaos, with the universe being divided into Chaos and Order. People in the Overworld, known as Overworlders, believed in Order, while the endermen believed in Chaos. To please the Great Chaos, endermen travel to the Overworld to sabatoge construction by the Forces of Order. Mo greets another elder enderman known as Hubunit Lopp. She is staring off the edge of the island, awaiting her fellow endermen to return from the Overworld. Endermen are further defined as follows: a group of endermen is called an End; Enderfrags are young endermen; Hubunits are mature endermen; Nubunits are "fully grown endermen who had not yet replicated to start their own End"; Cruxunits are ancient ancestors that had replicated and started their End from themselves; finally, an endermen working together with other endermen is called an endstacking. Lopp offers Mo to be a part of her endstacking, but Mo refuses and hurries back to Fin, where they teleport to the top of an obsidian pillar. Mo suggest about traveling to the Overworld, but Fin is skeptical, understanding that Mo might be killed there. Fin then explains to Mo that their hubunits never came back from the Overworld because it was raining, and explains that he wouldn't go to the Overworld unless he was "sick of being alive". The two have a chat with the ender dragon and then teleport back home.

Chapter 2: The Dome and the Dragon[edit]

Fin sits on a hill watching over his fellow endermen below in the Enderdome doing all sorts of things: learning, dueling, playing, etc.. Mo is still blabbering about going to the Overworld. Kan, a friend of Fin and Mo, hates training in the Enderdome, saying that it is boring and violent. Kan especially hates Taskmaster Owari, who tells Kan to get stronger every time Kan complains about training. As Endermas is coming up, Fin beings thinking of what gifts he'll get for Mo and Kan when an enderfrag flashes next to him, making them get in contact with each other's thoughts. Mo's thoughts consist of a hold with treasure and mobs from the End inside of it; basically what her End would look like. Kan's thoughts, on the other hand, were "musical noted dancing in beautiful spirals", meaning that Kan loves music. The enderfrag, named Koneka, then asks Fin why he isn't in the Enderdome. Fin explains that he has no hubunits, and because of such, the Endmoot decided that it would be best for Fin and Mo to live away from everyone else. Koneka teleports back down to the Enderdome as Fin throws his chorus fruit off the island.

The story then shifts to Mo, who is on an obsidian pillar on the central island. She has a conversation with the ender dragon regarding what she would do if she were an ender dragon, such as going on adventures and destroying everyone on the Overworld. The ender dragon says that she knows nothing, and is just a fragment. Mo teleports back home in a huff, but not before she leaves some chorus fruit behind for the ender dragon.

Chapter 3: Kan[edit]

Grumpo informs Mo that there is an intruder aboard their end ship. Upon further investigation, the intruder is revealed to be their friend Kan. Kan has green eyes unlike other endermen and explains that he had ran away again from his hubunits to come live with Fin and Mo. Mo welcomes Kan to their home and treats him to some chorus corn (popped chorus fruit). Kan then begins playing his note block while explaining that his hubunits strongly dislike hearing the note block, which is why Kan ran away. Kan explains that without him being with his hubunits, they get weaker and dimmer as they use their energy to find him. Kan wonders why the Great Chaos made him act this way and wishes he didn't have hubunits. Grumpo then informs Mo and Fin of intruders. Upon further investigation, the intruder is Karshen, a secondary hubunit of Kan. Karshen, in a fit of rage, attempts to locate Kan. Teg, the primary hubunit of Kan, also joins in the search. Kan eventually reveals himself to both hubunits, and they both begin heading back to their home. Fin, Mo, and Grumpo are listening in on Karshen, who calmly tells Kan that humans are coming.

Chapter 4: The Endmoot[edit]

Humans are described as "strange", "alien", and "hideous", being "short and thick and a hundred different colors all mushed together into fat eyes, wet stomachs, horrible reeking feet, and something particularly nasty called 'hair'". Humans are also described as "violent and angry even what they had everything they could want", and could "carve out everything valuable for themselves in half a day" if put into a swamp, meadow, or forest. An endmoot is then called at the central island, in which case nearly every endermen would be there to plan for a human attack. Owari exclaims that "the twelve seals are nearly in place" and that "upon those seals the humans will place twelve eyes of ender", and that when the eyes of ender are placed, "the great portal shall be complete, and they will swarm our world". Karshen then explains that humans "steal our pearls", and with the pearls, "they can teleport as we do". Ipari, another hubunit, mentions that "time in the Overworld does not flow in precisely the same way as it does here" and that the endermen "can't know for certain" when a human is expected to show up here. Beigas then interrupts Ipari, saying that "the portal will open beneath the very earth on which we now stand" and that the humans "will pour out like lava".

Wakas, an enderman shepherd, explains that "the End belong to us", mentioning that the End "is the land of our people", that endermen "have lived here since the beginning" and that humans "have no right to take our country from us and pillage it". Vegg, a strategy master, interrupts Wakas, and questions if it was truly the endermen that built the end cities and obsidian towers and chorus tees, saying that "someone was here before us", and that the endermen took the land from that someone. Eresha, who goes by the title "Mouth of the Great Chaos", explains that "human invaders believe everything is theirs for the taking". Kraj, a cruxunit, then explains that humans wear pumpkins to make sure endermen "can't tell the difference between them and an endermen" and that even now "the humans could already be among us, and we would suspect nothing". Kraj suggest that the endermen move in groups of four and to have faith in the Great Chaos. Karshen, in a fit of rage, takes away Kan's note block and throws it into the void. Karshen then slams Kan to the ground and yells at him that he is not his fragment, but a human being. Kan can only cry.

Chapter 5: The Spy[edit]

Fin and Mo carry Kan back to their end ship. Mo gices Kan a golden apple to eat, which he accepts, healing his wounds. Kan then has flashbacks to when he found the noteblock, why he was bullied for having green eyes, and when he was five years old when Fin and Mo came over for Endermas. Kan begins to cry, and is clawing his face with his arms. Fin and Mo attempt tp explain to Kan that he is not a human with little success. Mo then gives Kan a note block she found in a pile, and Kan willingly begins to play it.

Chapter 6: The Final Battle[edit]

Grumpo warns the trio that a lot of "someones" are approaching the ship. Upon further investigation, it turns out to be Kraj along with eight proxy-fragments of him. A proxy-fragment orders the door of the end ship to be opened. The trio refuse, and so the proxy-fragments begin taking the trio's belongings for themselves. After they leave, Mo shows Fin and Kan a zombie horse egg that is cracked.

Chapter 7: Humans[edit]

The endermen suit up in the belongings that Kraj's proxy-fragments had taken from them, preparing for an onslaught by humans. However, nothing happened, and eventually, the endermen head back to their homes. Mo, Fin, and Kan return to their end ship, starving. Grumpo releases three golden apples from his box for the trio to eat, which they happily do so. Soon after, they fall asleep. Some time later, the endermen wake up to whispers coming from the ship. Upon realization, the whispers are humans, who head inside the ship, attacking the endermen and shulker. The humans are named Koa, Jax, Roary, and Jesster. Jax explains that the humans should set forth and kill the ender dragon, and Kan somehow still believes he is actually a human.

Chapter 8: The Six of Us[edit]

The zombie horse egg hatches, revealing, of course, a baby zombie horse. The humans then pick and prod at the faces of Fin and Mo, revealing slices of pumpkin shell, much to Kan's disbelief. The humans then ask Fin and Mo some questions regarding how they lived here, and who their hubunits were. Fin and Mo, somehow, cannot remember their hubunits' names. The group of endermen and humans continue to chat for a while, but Kan, in a fit of rage, soon lunges toward Jax, pinning him against a wall. Fin and Mo soon remove their "pumpkins" from their heads, making Kan scream in horror.