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This page documents the events that take place in the second chapter of Minecraft: The Crash.
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Chapter 10[edit]

The group of four begins heading toward a desert stronghold. Esme begins talking about how she ended up getting chemo (such as the feeling of being sick, yet the feeling never goes away). Esme says that she understands how chemo works, as she has seen pictures before of people that have gone through chemo. The group of four begin heading back to Anton’s base, and the trio discuss about things going on in their lives. Bianca then says that the villager should be along with them and “play through to the End”. Esme and Anton are hesitant at first, but accept on the condition that Bianca is responsible for every action the villager does. Bianca accepts their offer, and the three make a plan to build traps for the villager to recognize.

Chapter 11[edit]

The group of four begin hunting for diamonds, but are attacked by endermen. Fortunately, they are successful, and continue their hunt. Eventually, they find diamonds, but are cornered by even more endermen. Fortunately, the group are successful once again and prepare to head to the Nether.

Chapter 12[edit]

Bianca decides to head to the village for supplies, which both Anton and Esme approve of. While the village is empty, the villagers are still at their workstations. Anton suggest to tie the villager to a fence using a lead. Bianca is hesitant at first, but accepts and does so. Anton is suspicious regarding the village, as the trades don’t match up with their professions, and assumes that it’s a bug in the game. Esme begins to mention Bianca’s car crash, but Anton stops her, saying that he’s sorry that him and Esme keep mentioning Bianca. Anton brings up a basketball scholarship that he was set to earn, but he was later diagnosed with cancer, and began chemotherapy. Anton has a brother named Oscar who does Tae Kwon Do, and a sister named Tara who does ballet; he was supposed to be taking care of them, but hasn’t done so since his diagnosis. Bianca brings up her sister named Carolyn, and said that she actively wanted to play Minecraft with her and Lonnie, but she always shoos Carolyn away, which she now regrets.

While the two are chatting, Esme builds an exit portal, and says that she has to leave as it’s close to morning (Esme has chemotherapy that morning) and that Bianca should come with. Bianca flat out refuses, saying that the villager, now referred to as Lonnie, should be fixed. Esme uses a lead to pull Bianca toward the portal, but Bianca uses TNT to blow up the lead. Anton and Esme are thrown back through the exit portal, while the world slowly vanishes in a black void. Bianca realizes that the game is closing, but panicked and started running to no avail. Eventually, the entire world vanishes, and a new world, albeit an identical one, is generated in its place. Without hesitation, Bianca takes Lonnie back to her home, builds a nether portal, and prepares for the challenge that is the Nether.

Chapter 13[edit]

Although Bianca is mere steps away from entering the portal, she immediately has a flashback to when her and Lonnie were playing Minecraft; the flashback involves Bianca getting an email from Lonnie on how to make a snow golem as well as preparations for the homecoming game. The flashback ends abruptly as Bianca is 'back' at the nether portal. She changes her mind and decides to walk through the world with Lonnie. After fighting some hostile mobs, she stumbles upon Anton and Esme, who explain that the TNT blast from earlier locked them out of the game, but the doctor regranted them access. The group of four then decide to find A.J., who supposedly has all the cheat codes to the game and knows more about the game than everyone else in the hospital. The group head north and eventually arrive at AJ’s fortress.

Chapter 14[edit]

The entrance is guarded by a lava moat, but Anton finds some exposed redstone that connects to dozens of levers, trapped doors, and pressure plates. Bianca mentions that Dr. Nay said to her parents that Bianca would be staying in the hospital for three months, followed by half a year of rehab. Eventually, Bianca accidentally triggers the fortress’ defense systems. Thankfully, the fortress is untouched by said systems, and Lonnie enters the fortress without triggering anything. On the wall is a set of rules which says not to play with the chickens, not to touch the levers, not to go to the fourth floor of the fortress, and not to use the ladder.

Chapter 15[edit]

The fortress is soon surrounded by hostile mobs, and the group is successful in defending it. Exploring the fortress, the group come across orange trees and strawberries, something that isn’t found in the vanilla game.

Chapter 16[edit]

The group gather the necessary supplies and prepare to head to the Nether. Bianca decides to go up to the greenhouse and stumbles upon an endermen. As more endermen spawn, the group mine underground, and then upward, going up against even more endermen. Eventually, the world vanished once again.

Chapter 17[edit]

The group of four respawn in a jungle biome. While Lonnie builds a shelter, everyone else does an inventory check. Bianca is shocked to find her obsidian is completely gone, and a look at the shulker box shows only a few obsidian — not enough to make a nether portal. Despite the setback, Anton and Esme work on setting up shelter as Bianca and Lonnie go up against some witches.

Chapter 18[edit]

We see another flashback as six-year-old Bianca attempts to perform a trick on the monkey bars at a playground. She bumps into eight-year-old Lonnie, who introduces Bianca to Minecraft. The flashback ends as Lonnie wakes Bianca up, and the two go aboard a boat. Bianca says that she’ll log off once she reaches the End, in which Lonnie disapproves. Fortunately, the two have enough obsidian for a nether portal and go through.