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This page documents the events that take place in the first chapter of Minecraft: The Crash.
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Chapter 1[edit]

Bianca has recently enrolled in high school as a freshman, and decides to go to the homecoming game with her friend, Lonnie. On the way, the two discuss about a project they have been working on in Minecraft. Suddenly, the car crashes at an intersection.

Chapter 2[edit]

Bianca is given treatment at Holy Angels Hospital, where she has suffered broken arms, broken bones in her right foot, broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and a concussion. Dr. Nay comes in every once in a while to check on her. One night, a person named A.J. comes into her room and shows her a pair of VR goggles with Minecraft installed on them. Bianca begins feeling queasy and throws up soon after the goggles are taken off.

Chapter 3[edit]

Dr. Nay checks on Bianca the following morning, and shows that she had a spike in adrenaline and heart rate when she had the VR goggles on. Although Bianca asks for a set of her own, as well as what has happened to Lonnie, Dr. Nay declines both requests, saying that Bianca needs to focus on her own recovery. That night, A.J. appears once more and does a second attempt at showing Bianca the game on VR. She is hesitant at first, but eventually accepts. A.J. explains to Bianca that this version of Minecraft syncs to a person’s brainwaves and reacts to whatever that person is thinking, as well as that the game is modded to allow verbal commands. Bianca goes into the Realm that is set up, explores it a bit, and builds a house.

Chapter 4[edit]

Bianca continues exploring, which reminded her of a unit she did on optical illusions in eighth grade. Upon reaching a village, she stumbles upon a villager with a blue shirt and a large X on it. Bianca becomes under the realization that it might be Lonnie, and decides to follow it. Eventually, the villager decides to follow Bianca, and she says that once she is done with the world for the night, she’ll make sure that the nurses tell her where Lonnie is.

Chapter 5[edit]

Bianca and the villager continue working together, which makes Bianca have a flashback involving a discussion with Lonnie involving the ender dragon. Bianca and the villager then deal with hostile mobs, but have no choice but to retreat. Another player shows up by the name of Esme, who introduces herself and talks with Bianca about the crash. Esme also mentions that she is going under chemo, and that the realm is also shared with Anton, a boy in the hospital. Esme asks Bianca how long she has been in the game, and wonders if she had left the game yet. Bianca says she hasn’t and Esme explains that the goggles read the brain synapses, and advises Bianca to log off. Bianca hesitates and asks Esme to show her around, and she accepts.

Chapter 6[edit]

The two head over to Anton’s lair and meet Anton, who turns out to have some trust issues; his significant other is breaking up with him and his parents are forcing him to play a sport he doesn’t like (this is later revealed to be basketball). Anton tells Bianca a story of how a person named Andrea was in the realm. She had started fine at first, but then the world began messing up; as it turns out, Andrea’s dad got a new job and she was moving to Spain. While she eventually calmed down, everything in the realm had to be rebuilt from scratch, and the mods that were added made sure that any emotional mess would be low-level. Anton explains that the villager might not be Lonnie, but Bianca runs off, saying that both him and Esme are messing with her.

Chapter 7[edit]

Esme and Anton eventually follow Bianca and stay by her; Bianca still insists that the villager is Lonnie, but understands she can’t prove such until contact is made. Eventually, the trio come across several spiders, but are successful in defeating them. The three then decide to head toward a village. Bianca has another flashback involving her family. At the village, the trio come across the villager believed to be Lonnie, and after some hesitation, Esme and Anton agree that the villager can come with. Suddenly, the villagers become villager zombies and chase down the group of four, who eventually head into a cave. Anton and Esme fight the zombies off, while Bianca and the villager continue the trek down the cave.

Chapter 8[edit]

The duo come across a portion of the cave already filled with torches; Bianca assumes that Esme and Anton had already been down here. Suddenly, several creepers show up, and the two go down a different path, with Bianca repeating to herself that the VR is just an illusion.

Chapter 9[edit]

Bianca and the villager eventually head back up to the surface, quickly realizing that they are in a swamp. Anton and Esme shown up soon after, with the latter accusing Bianca of abandoning them. Suddenly, the group go up against several witches, and they retreat. Anton tells Esme to keep her emotions under control, and that they need to log off. Esme refuses, and eventually the group are successful in killing the witches.