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Minecraft: The Crash

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Minecraft: The Crash

Tracey Baptiste

Audio read by

January LaVoy

Cover artist

Ian Wilding


United States





Set in

Minecraft (Virtual reality)


Del Rey Books


July 10, 2018

Media type

Print, Digital







Minecraft: The Crash is the second Minecraft novel. It is authored by Tracey Baptiste, and was published by Del Rey Books on July 10, 2018.[1] An audiobook was released on the same day, with narration provided by January LaVoy.


Bianca has never been good at following the plan. She’s more of an act-now, deal-with-the-consequences-later kind of person. But consequences can’t be put off forever, as Bianca learns when she and her best friend, Lonnie, are in a terrible car crash.

Waking up in the hospital, almost paralyzed by her injuries, Bianca is faced with new questions she’s not equipped to answer. She chooses instead to try a new virtual-reality version of Minecraft that responds to her every wish, giving her control over a world at the very moment she thought she’d lost it. As she explores this new realm, she encounters a mute, glitching avatar she believes to be Lonnie. Bianca teams up with Esme and Anton, two kids who are also playing on the hospital server, to save her friend.

But the road to recovery isn’t without its own dangers. The kids are swarmed by mobs seemingly generated by their fears and insecurities, and now Bianca must deal with the uncertainties that have been plaguing her: Is Lonnie really in the game? And can Bianca help him return to reality?


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Chapters 1–9

Chapters 10–18

Chapters 19–27


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