Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two/EP5

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This page documents the events that take place in the fifth episode of Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two.
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The group (Jesse, Petra, Jack, Nurm/Lluna and Radar/Binta, Cam and Kent) make their way to Beacontown underground. Upon arriving, the group attempt to head to the map shop, but have to hide as they are almost spotted by the Admin (disguised as Jesse). The Admin then blows up Champion City or kills Xara. Jesse then takes Olivia and Axel with the group to the map shop.

In the map shop, Olivia and Axel are relieved that the Admin isn’t the actual Jesse, but are worried that people would turn on Jesse. Nonetheless, the group is hopeful in stopping the Admin. Jesse looks around the map shop and finds a lever, pulling it to reveal a pair of elytra. Suddenly, the group hears some clinking noises, and when Jesse investigates, it is revealed to be Nurm/Lluna (the person that was left behind at the Sunshine Institute). Ivor also shows up, and him and Jack have an awkward conversation. The group then make a plan to stop the Admin, which involves disguising as a member of the Fireworks Guild, Axel and Olivia distracting the Admin, Irma giving Jesse a bucket of water, and Petra and Jack waiting in the Order hall. Jesse then removes his armor to disguise himself as the Admin and heads outside to begin the plan.

Outside, Jesse tries his best to blend into town, but is nearly caught twice as the Admin checks on the townspeople. Nonetheless, Jesse is able to obtain the Fireworks Guild suits. That night, Jesse, Jack, Petra, and Binta/Radar make fireworks, allowing Jesse, Jack and Petra to make their way up to the tower.

Inside the tower, the three are met by the Ocelots (consisting of Lukas, Stampy Cat, Stacyplays, and numerous citizens). Lukas mistakes the real Jesse for the Admin at first, but Jesse is able to talk Lukas into believing otherwise. The group then make it up to the Admin’s room, where the Admin greets them. After Jesse has a chitchat with the Admin, the Admin thinks that he can do better “next time”, so he decides to cover Jesse’s world with bedrock. The three (Jesse, Petra, and Jack) barely make it through the portal to the terminal.

Inside the terminal, the group find numerous artifacts from their past adventures and use the word of passage to obtain a gold gauntlet, which is meant to strip the Admin of its powers. After an intense battle with the Admin, Jesse gets the upper hand and strips Romeo of his powers. The player can choose whether to take Romeo with him, or leave him behind, and the group make it back to Beacontown through the portal.

Back in Beacontown, Jesse and others do all they can to rebuild Beacontown. The player then has the choice of staying in Beacontown or hitting the road.

Should the player decide to stay in Beacontown, Radar will inform Jesse that he received a letter from Aiden about “redeeming himself” and a note from “WP” telling him to “look out”.

Likewise, if the player decides to hit the road, the player can choose whether Radar can run Beacontown or not. Jesse then decides to have a race with Petra.