Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two/EP3

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This page documents the events that take place in the third episode of Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two.
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Jesse gets teleported to an area filled with obsidian and lava, with a speakerphone telling Jesse to follow an "orange line" to a "check-in zone". Jesse does so, and the line takes him to a place known as the Sunshine Institute. The warden greets Jesse and explains to him/her that the institute is actually an reformatory for "difficult people". Petra / Jack also show up and attack both the warden and Big Hank, allowing Jesse some time to escape. The two then go on a footrace with several associates and Big Hanks in an attempt to reach "The Burrows", in which they become successful, only to be caught by a Big Hank. The warden then sends Petra / Jack to the "Mush Room", and sends Jesse to his office.

In the warden's office, the warden introduces Jesse to Radar and Nurm, and also puts Radar under "The Iron Breathtaker", and the player can choose whether or not to work for the warden as an associate. Stella also shows up and informs the warden to watch Jesse for "trouble", mentioning their "rivalry" once more. The three (Jesse, Stella, and Radar) then head to the "Mush Room", which is basically concrete cells with a "courtyard". Inside, they meet Bigbst4tz2, Jesse chats with numerous "guests", and is able to give Radar a cookie / mushroom stew. Suddenly, Prisoner X (revealed to be named Xara) escapes, and Bigbst4tz2 informs the four (Jesse, Radar, Petra / Jack, and Nurm) to go to a cell for safety. Petra / Jack explain to Jesse that Xara is locked in a cell deep underground, and Jesse believes that Xara and them need to work together.

Back in the "courtyard", Jesse believes that he / she can get a promotion if he / she finds if Oxblood is doing something against the rules, and is able to find Oxblood keeping a mooshroom in captivity. The warden them explains to Jesse that he / she has to shear the mooshroom in order to get promoted. Depending on if you choose to shear the mooshroom or not, Jesse (by him/herself if you shear it) and the four (only if you don't shear it) get taken to the Zombie Mines, an area where "guests" harvest zombies for rotten flesh. Jesse discovers that there is a redstone circuit connected to Xara's cell, and concludes that a lever needs to be made in order to bypass it. Jesse can make a truce with Stella if the player decides to do so, and is able to bypass the circuit to Xara's door. Just as Jesse is about to enter Xara's cell, the Admin shows up, punishes the warden, and orders Jesse to fight Petra / Jack. The battle ends in a draw after the two team up to go against the Admin. Suddenly, the Admin disguises himself as Jesse, and teleports Stella to Beacontown with him. The five (Jesse, Petra, Jack, Radar and Nurm) then hunt down for Xara.

At Xara's cell, it is revealed that the Admin's real name is Romeo, and Xara agrees to help Jesse escape on the condition that one of them (Nurm or Lluna) stay behind (this is so the explosives don't get triggered), and the prisoners escape the Sunshine Institute. In the burrows, the warden is in a rage over Prisoner X's escape and reveals that Xara was a former Admin. Just as the warden is about to ignite TNT, Xara kills him with a poison arrow, and the six (Jesse, Petra, Radar, Jack, Xara and Nurm / Lluna) fight numerous creatures, including Creeper-spiders and three-headed Ghasts. Xara then reveals that there was a third Admin named Fred, who died during the battle with Xara against Romeo. Xara also reveals that the only way to take away Romeo's powers is to go below the bedrock.

In a post-credits scene, Romeo (disguised as Jesse), steals the Order's amulet and summons a guard to track them down.