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Matthew Gartzke

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Matthew Gartzke
Real name

Matthew Gartzke

Date of birth

July 28[1]


Community Manager





Known for

Minecraft livestreams

Also known as


Wiki name

Minecraft Staff

Twitter name


Matthew Gartzke is a Community Coordinator at Minecraft.


Matt's current job consists of assisting with community management for the Minecraft franchise. He is responsible for scheduling and hosting many of the official Minecraft livestreams.


  • In several official livestreams, it was explained that the reason "removed Herobrine" isn't in the changelogs for editions in the Bedrock engine is because Gartzke is Herobrine and he assists with writing the changelogs.
  • He's a big fan of Pokémon.


  • "Arg! Internet!" This was said when Gartzke disconnected from a player's world during a Minecraft Community Showcase stream. Some people would mention this later as a joke, calling him "Pirate Herobrine".
  • "Crush it!" Gartzke's motto.