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The logo for MINECON Live 2019.

MINECON Live 2019 was a livestream that took place on September 28, 2019, at 16:00 UTC.[1] It featured Masuo (MasuoTV), Mariel (Marielitai Gaming), Shelby Graces (Shubble), and Scott (Dangthatsalongname) as the co-hosts of the show.[2] It was the last Minecon, as it was then replaced by Minecraft Festival and Minecraft Live.

The livestream on YouTube


On May 17, 2019, it was announced that MINECON Live 2019 will be streaming live on September 28.[3]


There were a total of six panels; one panel during the show with Minecraft developers and five community panels after the show.[4]

SciCraft Presents: How Automation Can Enrich Your Gaming Experience[edit]

On this panel (from left to right): Gnembon, PanNic, Myren, ilmango and _MethodZz_.

Diversity 3: Created for The Community[edit]

On this panel (from left to right): abrightmoore, RenderXR, AdamDJM, QMagnet, and StacyPlays.

How We Craft: Secrets of the Marketplace Partners[edit]

On this panel (from left to right): CDFDMAN, Eneija, Avondale, Jigarbov, and Skywalker

Crafting Experiences: Game Design in Minecraft[edit]

On this panel (from left to right): Vazkii, kingbdogz, Amadornes, Drullkus, and Direwolf20

HermitCraft – Much Better Together[edit]

On this panel (from left to right): FalseSymmetry, GoodTimesWithScar, Stressmonster101, MumboJumbo, and iskall85.

Biome vote[edit]

The three options for the biome vote: badlands, swamp and mountains.

During the livestream, viewers could vote for one of three biomes that will be updated. The biome with the highest vote will get new features, such as terrain changes and new mobs, in the next major update. The winner, Mountains, will be getting snowier snow, goats, and new mountain terrain generation.[5] The two other biomes will also get new features, but at a later date.[6] Mountains were voted as the first biome to be updated.[7]


Tumbleweeds, vultures, and a new type of flowery cactus are planned to be added. Badlands was voted as the last biome to be updated in the first poll.[8]


Treasure boats, frogs, and mangrove trees are planned to be added.[9] Swamp was voted as the second biome to be updated in the second poll.[7]


Snowier snow, goats, stone with snow on top (like with grass) and improved mountain terrain generation are planned to be added. Mountains were voted as the first biome to be updated in the final poll.[7]


Biome Votes (%)
First Round[8] Final[7]
Badlands 14%
Swamp 40% 47%
Mountains 46% 53%
Total Votes 255,201 228,507


Videos can be found here.