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The Taiga! The Savanna! The Desert! Three brilliant Minecraft biomes that we've got big plans for: we're going to update all three with new features and mobs!

Tom Stone [1]

MINECON Earth 2018 was a livestream that was online live for an hour and a half from 16:00–17:30 UTC, on September 29, 2018.[2] It featured Erin Wayne (Aureylian), Martyn Littlewood (InTheLittlewood), Yasmin Ayesha (Yammy), Chad Johnson (OMGchad), and Anthony (BigBStatz) as the co-hosts of the show.[3]

On August 27, it was stated on ChronicleLiveUK that Nethermined, a Newcastle based MINECON event, will be an 'Official Community Event' for the first time. This is the fifth time the event is held.[4]


On April 10, 2018, it was announced that MINECON Earth 2018 will be streaming live on September 29.[5]

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Announcing... MINECON Earth 2018! Saturday, September 29, we’ll be streaming the biggest Minecraft celebration around the world. Panels, community highlights and - of course - the costume competition! So get craftin’! minecraft.net/minecon

Minecraft on MINECON Earth 2018[6]


There were a total of 5 panels, one panel during the show with Minecraft developers and four community panels after the show.

Modded Minecraft: Playing with Power[edit]

Minecraft mod developers talk about how using mods can provide more options, opportunities and fun for players.

The panelists will be discussing what modding is, and how you can do it, so it is suitable for beginners. They'll be discussing the history of modding, great mods for Minecraft and even how to make mods.

On this panel: Drullkus, KingLemmingCoFH, Direwolf20, kingbdogz, Amadornes and Vazkii.

Breaking Minecraft[edit]

AntVenom talked about pushing Minecraft to its absolute limits, and how 'breaking' elements can create fun new ways to enjoy the game. He looked at Minecraft in a new perspective.

Hermitcraft Presents – Creating, Maintaining and Evolving An SMP[edit]

Rendog, iskall85, MumboJumbo, cubfan135 and Stressmonster.

Making a Map with MCEdit[edit]

Podshot, naor2013, TrazLander, gentlegiantJGC and abrightmoore.

Talked about how to create custom Minecraft maps using the world editing tool MCEdit.

Biome Chooser[edit]

Biome chooser logo.png

During the livestream, watchers voted for a biome that was going to be updated next. The biome with the highest vote would get new features, such as terrain changes and new mobs, in a future update.[7] The two other biomes will also get new features, but in a later date.[8]

During the live stream, the taiga biome won the vote and will be part of the upcoming 1.14 update, which is titled Village and Pillage.


Palm trees, meerkats and oases are planned to be added.[9] Desert was voted as the last biome to be updated in the first poll.[10]


Berries, campfires, and foxes are planned to be added.[11] Taiga was voted as the first biome to be updated in the second poll.[12]


Baobabs, termites, and ostriches are planned to be added.[13] Savanna was voted as the second biome to be updated in the second poll.[12]


Videos can be found here.


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