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MINECON 2013 logo
MINECON 2013 Channel art

MINECON 2013 was held in Orlando, Florida from November 2 to 3.
Official Tumblr: https://mineconorlando.tumblr.com/.

The song "One" from C418's soundtrack from the Story of Mojang documentary was the song embedded in the 2013 site.


Mojang revealed on June 27 that MINECON 2013 would be held in Orlando, Florida from November 2–3.[1] It was also said that tickets/hotel deals would later be available for sale in July.

After a lot of mystery, it was officially confirmed by Mojang that MINECON 2013 would be hosted in the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC).[2] At one point, it was listed on the OCCC's calendar of scheduled events. Due to popularity directed toward OCCC's website, MINECON was taken off the list for upcoming events. Some time after all the tickets where sold, MINECON was added to the OCCC Exhibitor On-line Services calendar[3] and the Show Banner Orders calendar.[4] Also a page for exhibiters to get electrical, lighting and other booth utilities was created.[5]


Orange County Convention Center
Location of Orange County Convention Center: 9990 International Drive, Orlando, Florida[6]
Location within the OCCC for MINECON 2013 is the West Building; Exhibit Halls WA3 - WB1[7]

Age restriction[edit]

Mojang originally intended the age restriction to be without an adult to be 17 years old, (16 and under with an adult) but after further research and consideration, they lowered it to 14 years of age (13 and under with an adult). They offered a refund for this reason, and tickets refunded were put back on sale if accepted.[8]


Early on July 31, Mojang confirmed that tickets would start going on sale later that day. These tickets were said to be released in batches of 3,[6] each selling 2,500 tickets and at $150 a piece. (7,500 tickets in total).[8] This system was intended to give people who may have school, or a job a chance to get tickets. Also, Mojang announced that 7,500 tickets is the total number, no more, they weren't selling at-door tickets, and they didn't give away tickets to the press for free.[8] They also gave attendees discounted hotel bookings.[9]


One: July 31, 4:00 PM PDT and 7:00 EDT. (Sold out within 3 seconds)[10]

Two: August 2, 7:00 AM PDT and 10:00 EDT.

Three: August 3, 12:00 PM PDT and 3:00 EDT.


On September 5, Mojang posted that attendees who went to MINECON would receive a 2013 MINECON cape.[11] Further details regarding the capes were stated to be "released at a later date."

On October 29, Mojang stated that capes were sent as a redemption URL to the email address registered when the ticket was purchased. The capes were sent out through email with the message: "A popular part of going to MINECON is that you receive an in-game cape for your character to show everyone online that you were there." "This year's edition comes in jade green with a handsome piston fitted on the center back. Follow the link below and log in to minecraft.net (with your usual credentials) and it will automatically get added to your character." - Lydia Winters[citation needed]


Mojang and their respective ticket sales group, Eventbrite, received controversy for the system of purchasing tickets this year. The three batches were swiftly sold out (the first within three seconds), and while they were purchased, the text "Pending" showed while the website didn't handle well (Eventbrite). Because of this, many tweets of controversy appeared, mostly under the hashtag "Minecon", and a Change.org petition was made.


Videos can be found here.