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Lying is a body position adopted by the player and some other mobs under certain circumstances.


All mobs can be made to sleep in beds using commands. In addition, multiple mobs can sleep as part of their natural behavior. Also, the players' and mobs' hitboxes reduce to 0.2 blocks when lying.


Players lie down when using a bed. Currently, this is the only way that a player can adopt the lying position. Players cannot move, and cannot use items while doing so, unlike with sitting.


Villagers lie down when using a bed. They can be woken and removed from their bed by either breaking the bed, pushing them out of the bed, attacking them, or pressing use on the bed.


Lying down Tabby Cat with Red Collar.pngLying down Tuxedo Cat with Red Collar.pngLying down Red Cat with Red Collar.pngLying down Siamese Cat with Red Collar.pngLying down British Shorthair Cat with Red Collar.pngLying down Calico Cat with Red Collar.pngLying down Persian Cat with Red Collar.pngLying down Ragdoll Cat with Red Collar.pngLying down White Cat with Red Collar.pngLying down Jellie Cat with Red Collar.pngLying down Black Cat with Red Collar.png

Cats lie, and sleep, on beds whenever their owner is sleeping on one. They emit specific sounds when doing so.


Sleeping Fox.pngSleeping Snow Fox.png

Foxes occasionally lie down and sleep during the day, taking shelter beneath blocks when doing so. Shade is a necessity for sleeping; if a path for direct sunlight is created that lights up a sleeping fox, it immediately wakes and tries to sleep elsewhere. Foxes are currently the only mob to switch to a texture with their eyes shut upon entering their sleeping state.


Lying Lazy Panda.png

Lazy pandas occasionally lie on their backs. Unlike with other mobs, this is a passive action, which is unrelated to sleeping.





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Java Edition Beta
1.2Added lying animation for the player.
Java Edition
1.1419w11aVillagers now sleep in beds, resulting in a new Villager lying model.