Lydia Winters

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Lydia Winters
Real name

Lydia Winters

Date of birth

April 22, 1987 (age 33)


Brand Director



Known for

Announcing updates at MINECON

Twitter name


Minecraft name


Lydia Winters is Mojang's Brand Director. She works with the community and part of this job requires her to attend Minecraft related events such as MINECON and PAX East as Mojang's representative as well as provide coverage and make appearances on Mojang livestreams. Until 2015, her job title was "Director of Fun", which represented her intention to make events and live streams entertaining.

Lydia first met the senior staff members of Mojang at the Sony Ericsson booth she was running to promote the Pocket Edition of Minecraft. She got along well enough with the staff members that she was offered a community relations position in the company,[citation needed] and joined Mojang June 28, 2011.[1][2] At the time she joined, she had hair dyed pink and was known as MinecraftChick. While she no longer dyes her hair pink in real life, her mojavatar and skin still has the pink hair. She now uses the Twitter handle @LydiaWinters instead of @MinecraftChick.

She was also known for being the voice actor of CommuniKate on a show called Minecraft mini series. The series lasted for 2 seasons and the third is nowhere to be seen. On the show, CommuniKate was the host/former host of Tales of the Spooky Isles until the next season where Posiden took charge. After beating Posiden, the show left off a cliffhanger maybe because of budget or because of mixed reviews so we don't have any information of what happened to CommuniKate but theories show since Zeus said ComuniKate can be the host again, she probably is hosting season 3.