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Logic circuit/OR

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Minimal OR Gate (A)

1×1×2 (2 block volume)
flat, silent, instant
circuit delay: 0 ticks

Torch-isolated OR Gate (B)

1×3×2 (6 block volume)
silent, flat, isolated-input
circuit delay: 2 ticks

Repeater-isolated OR Gate (C)

2×n×3 (12+ block volume)
flat, silent, isolated-input
circuit delay: 1 tick

By staggering heights, n inputs can be added. Note that a block is above the darkened input.

Vertical OR Gate (D)

1×4×4 (16 block volume)
1-wide, silent, isolated-input
circuit delay: 2 ticks

Slab-isolated OR Gate (E)

3×n×3 (12+ block volume)
silent, isolated-input, instant
circuit delay: 0 ticks

The design can be expanded to fit n inputs by increasing the length.
Design comparison
Design Volume Inputs Isolated? Redstone Torches Repeaters
A 2 3 No 1 0 0
B 6 3 Yes 1 1 0
C n n (Max 60) Yes n 0 n
D 16 2 Yes 4 2 1
E n n (Max ~30) Yes n×2 0 0