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This article is about the April Fools' joke. For the NBT tag to lock chests, see Chunk format § Block entity format.
This article documents an April Fools' joke.
They were removed from the game entirely in 13w41a.
Locked chest
Chest (S) JE1.png
Missing Texture Block JE3 BE2.png



Yes (64), when its item form existed



Blast resistance





Yes (15)





Catches fire from lava


The locked chest was an April Fools block.



Natural generation[edit]

Every chunk generated between April 1 and April 5, 2011, had a small chance of having a locked chest in it.[1]

When introduced, this block was indestructible except for explosions, allowing it to drop.


Message displayed upon attempting to open the chest. (Сlick to show animation)

Clicking use button on the chest would bring up a screen, and clicking on the "Go to Store" button would forward the player to the "Minecraft Store". It linked to https://minecraft.net/store/loot.jsp, but now the original page was removed, it now leads to the store to buy Minecraft. An archived version of this page can be found here. Various items were "sold" in the Minecraft Store (see below). Clicking on the proceed to checkout button triggered a screamer in which a Velociraptor from the movie Jurassic Park growled loudly and flew across the screen.

Entering items totaling over $10,000 into the cart caused a window pop-up asking if you are prone to seizures. Entering OK made the screen start flashing. When first released, there was no seizure warning label; Notch later implemented it to avoid lawsuits and posts on the forum.

On April 2 (the day following April Fools), the store had the addition of a multicolored banner which read "♥ April Fools'! ♥",[2] accompanied by a MIDI instrumental of Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up'. Tobias Möllstam stated that this was "the best script he's written to date."[3]

The store page also used the font tf2build.ttf from Team Fortress 2 which is downloadable from here.

Items "sold"[edit]

The "Minecraft Store"

Twelve "items" were "available":

  • Steve Co. supply crate key ($3)
  • Steve Co. supply crate key 5-pack ($18)
  • Miner's helmet ($21)
  • Name change ($99)
  • Creeper saddle ($42)
  • Secret griefer identity ($155)
  • Enlargement pill ($2)
  • Response from support ($494)
  • Three "coming soon" items (priced at $75, $7, and $1499)
  • Regular padlock ($8)
    • Used the same image as the "coming soon" items.


Locked chests could be used as fuel, lasting 15 seconds (or 1.5 items).

Data values[edit]


NameNamespaced IDNumeric ID Translation key
Locked Chestchest_locked_aprilfools_super_old_legacy_we_should_not_even_have_this 95tile.lockedChest.name


Java Edition Beta
1.4Chest (away) JE1.png Chest (E) JE1.png Chest (S) JE1.png Chest (away) JE1.png
Added locked chests.
Double Chest Revision 1.png Double locked chests also exist.
Locked chests use models and textures of chests.
April 1, 2011Notch states that he planned to remove them at midnight on April 2nd, but didn't due to illness.
1.4_01Locked chests no longer naturally generate.
Locked chests have not removed from the game entirely; instead code has been added for locked chests in the world to disappear, to avoid crashes, causing them to decay in a fashion similar to leaves. If locked chests are stored in the inventory, they remain until they are placed in the world.
Locked chests now only exist as single and no longer exist as double.
Java Edition
1.3.112w21aMissing Texture Block JE1 BE1.png Missing Texture Block JE1 BE1.png Missing Texture Block JE1 BE1.png Missing Texture Block JE1 BE1.png The original chest textures have now been removed from terrain.png, causing the locked chest's texture to change.
12w22aLocked Chest JE3.png Locked Chest JE3.png Locked Chest JE3.png Locked Chest JE3.png The texture of locked chests has now been changed with the addition of the block of emerald, whose texture is positioned where the chest's top/bottom previously was.
1.513w01aLocked Chest (away) JE4.png Locked Chest (E) JE4.png Locked Chest (S) JE4.png Locked Chest (away) JE4.png The texture of locked chests has now been changed with the addition of the block of redstone, whose texture is positioned where the chest's side/back originally was.
13w02aSince the textures have now been put into individual files, the locked chest now has nothing to use, which causes the game to crash if a world containing one is loaded.
13w03aMissing Texture Block JE2.png Missing Texture Block JE2.png Missing Texture Block JE2.png Missing Texture Block JE2.png The crash caused by textures being put into individual files has now been fixed by introducing a placeholder texture to locked chests. The text on the block says "missing texture" 2 times on each side.
1.6.113w18aMissing Texture Block JE3 BE2.png Missing Texture Block JE3 BE2.png Missing Texture Block JE3 BE2.png Missing Texture Block JE3 BE2.png The placeholder texture has now been changed, which has caused the appearance of locked chest blocks to change as well.
1.7.213w37aLocked chests have now been removed as an item.
Locked chests can now only placed with the block-placement command such as /setblock.
13w41aAdded stained glass, which has now replaced the ID of locked chest (95).
The alphanumeric ID for block 95 has now been changed from chest_locked_aprilfools_super_old_legacy_we_should_not_even_have_this to stained_glass.
Legacy Console Edition
?Locked chest console.png Added locked chests.
Locked chests have a grayed down grass texture and an inventory appearance featuring many other textures.


Locked chests are a removed block and as such issues relating to them cannot be fixed.


  • Locked chests are a reference to the Mann Co. Supply Crates[4] from Team Fortress 2, where a key must be purchased for $2.49 in the in-game shop called Mann Co. Store in order to open the crate.[5]
  • This may have been what Notch was talking about in his Twitter post about a "silly secret project".[6]
  • Locked chests could generate in mid air or in the tops of trees.
  • Locked chests could be placed next to each other to form a 2 block long chest like normal chests do. These two chests are still however "locked".
  • The server console outputted "added a chest!!" each time a chest was generated.
  • The 5-key pack is actually $3 more than 5 single keys.
  • The archived page is available in reduced functionality here.
  • Locked chests made lava particles when broken.
  • The locked chest's ID was named minecraft:chest_locked_aprilfools_super_old_legacy_we_should_not_even_have_this, and it is the longest named ID in Minecraft history.
  • When locked chests were removed, their numeric block ID (95) was re-used by stained glass, which meant that a world with a locked chest in would have it converted to white stained glass upon opening in the newer version.
  • Bedrock and Legacy Console editions, and the Minecraft website each have their own "Minecraft Store". However, they are actual in-game stores used to get downloadable content, purchase Java Edition as well as Minecraft merchandise, and are completely unrelated to the April Fools' joke.
  • At the time of the locked chest being added into Minecraft, it looked identical to a normal chest. However, after Beta 1.8, when the chest model was updated to be smaller than a full block, the locked chest, a deprecated block at that point, remained with the old model, and as such became larger than an ordinary chest.
  • Although locked chests are not added in Bedrock Edition, there is a translation string tile.lockedchest.name for them in the language files.
  • Booting up Minecraft Beta 1.4 with the date set between April 1st, 2011 and April 5th, 2011 generated locked chests like normal. The functionality still remains (except the link is now invalid).