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This feature is exclusive to Bedrock Edition and Education Edition.
A tip displayed on the loading screen.

Loading tips are shown on the world loading screen in Bedrock Edition.

Game tips[edit]

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Better Together[edit]

The first loading tips added to the game before they were changed

# Text
1 You can change the look of your character with a Skin Pack from the Store. Select 'Store' on the Main Menu to see what's available.
2 Iron golems will fight for you!
3 Alter the brightness setting to make the game brighter or darker.
4 If you set the game difficulty to Peaceful, your health will automatically regenerate, and no monsters will come out at night!
5 Feed a bone to a wolf to tame it. You can then make it sit or follow you.
6 Wearing a pumpkin on your head will keep Endermen from attacking you.
7 Sleeping in a bed at night will fast forward the game to dawn, but all players in a multiplayer game need to sleep in beds at the same time.
8 Harvest food from pigs, cows, sheep, rabbit, and chickens. Cook and eat it to regain health!
9 Harvest leather from cows, and use it to make armor and books.
10 If you have an empty bucket, you can fill it with water, lava, or milk from a cow!
11 Use a hoe to prepare areas of ground for planting.
12 Spiders won't attack you during the day - unless you attack them.
13 Feeding an animal will keep it from despawning. Build a pen to keep your animals safe.
14 Eating cooked food reduces hunger better than eating raw food.
15 Craft torches to light up dark areas. Monsters lurk in the darkness!
16 Get to destinations faster with a minecart and rail!
17 Plant some saplings and they'll grow into trees.
18 zombified piglins won't attack you if you have golden armour- unless you attack them or open chests in bastions.
19 You can change your game spawn point, and skip to dawn by sleeping in a bed.
20 Hit those fireballs back at the Ghast!
21 Building a portal will allow you to travel to another dimension - The Nether.
22 Use the right tool for the job! Digging dirt with a shovel is much faster than using a pickaxe!
23 If you can't find any coal for your torches, you can always make charcoal from trees in a furnace.
24 Digging straight down or straight up is not a great idea.
25 Bonemeal (crafted from a Skeleton bone) can be used as a fertilizer and can make things grow instantly!
26 Creepers explode when they get close to you!
27 Obsidian is created when water hits a lava source block.
28 If the source block for water or lava is removed, it will stop the flow completely.
29 Cobblestone is resistant to Ghast fireballs, making it useful for guarding portals.
30 Blocks that can be used as a light source will melt snow and ice. This includes torches, glowstones, and Jack-O-Lanterns.
31 Take caution when building structures made of wool out in the open, as lightning from thunderstorms can set wool on fire.
32 A single bucket of lava can be used in a furnace to smelt 100 blocks.
33 The instrument played by a note block depends on the material beneath it.
34 Zombies and Skeletons can survive daylight if they are in water or wearing a helmet.
35 Attacking a wolf will cause any wolves in the immediate vicinity to turn hostile and attack you. This trait is also shared by Zombie Pigmen.
36 Wolves and Iron Golems won't attack Creepers.
37 Chickens lay an egg every 5 to 10 minutes.
38 Obsidian can only be mined with a diamond pickaxe.
39 Creepers are the easiest obtainable source of gunpowder.
40 Placing two chests side by side will make one large chest.
41 Tame wolves show their health with the position of their tail. Feed them meat to heal them.
42 Different colored dyes can be made from a variety of materials, cook cactus in a furnace to get green dye!
43 Some animals will follow you if you have wheat in your hand.
44 Music by C418!
45 There will be an update to this game eventually!
46 Mojang has more awards than staff!
47 Some famous people play Minecraft!
48 Do not look directly at the bugs.
49 Creepers were born from a coding bug.
50 Is it a chicken or is it a duck?
51 Were you at MINECON?
52 No-one at Mojang has ever seen Junkboy's face.
53 Did you know there's a Minecraft Wiki?
54 MINECON 2011 was in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA!
55 MINECON 2012 was in Paris, France!
56 MINECON 2013 was in Orlando, Florida, USA!
57 No-one can remember where MINECON 2014 was held.
58 MINECON 2015 was in London, UK!
59 MINECON 2016 was in Anaheim, California, USA!
60 Always assume rumors are false, rather than assuming they're true!
61 The first version of Minecraft was created in just 6 days!
62 The Enderman language is actually English in reverse.
63 The original name for Minecraft was Cave Game.
64 Pigs that are struck by lightning become Zombie Pigmen!
65 Endermen hate bath time!
66 Sometimes iron golems give flowers to the villager children!
67 A Spider Jockey is the rare appearance of a spider being ridden by a skeleton!
68 Traveling one block in the Nether is equal to traveling eight blocks in the overworld.


Loading tips from 1.9.0 to 1.14.0.

# Text
1 Use seagrass to attract and breed sea turtles.
2 Protect baby turtles from hostile mobs!
3 Baby turtles will drop scutes when they grow - these can be crafted into turtle shells.
4 Use a bed to set your respawn point during the day.
5 Brew some water breathing potions for underwater exploration!
6 Dolphins can lead you to shipwrecks and underwater ruins, feed them cod and follow their trail!
7 Use shears to carve a pumpkin.
8 Use phantom membranes to repair your elytra.
9 There are 3587 types of tropical fish!
10 Sea pickles can be smelted into lime green dye.
11 Use haybales to breed Llamas!
12 Compasses always point to the world spawn - craft one to find your way!
13 Trade with villagers to obtain food, tools, and even treasure maps!
14 Did you know you can hold a map in your off-hand?
15 Leads can be used on boats.
16 Sneak or wear frost walker boots to walk safely on magma blocks.
17 You can gather cob webs using shears.
18 Need diamonds? Try mining on Y coordinate 12!
19 Before you mine diamonds, redstone or gold, make sure you're using an iron or diamond pickaxe or the ore won't drop.
20 Need coal for torches or fuel? Try smelting wood logs in a furnace to make charcoal!
21 Gold is more abundant in Mesa biomes!
22 Elytra can be used to glide, find them in End City ships!
23 Test out some new features by turning on the Experimental Gameplay option!
24 Tridents are dropped by the Drowned, and can be held or thrown.
25 Check out mixer.com/minecraft to watch the latest Minecraft livestreams.[until BE 1.16.100]
26 You can smelt 20 items in a furnace by using a block of dried kelp as fuel.
27 Monsters that are killed by skeletons arrows have a chance of dropping music discs.
28 People like YOU make Marketplace content!
29 Did you know that several community creators make a living off the content in the Marketplace?
30 You can find skins to customize your experience in-game, or on select platforms use your own!
31 Texture packs change the way that blocks, items, and even the menus look in game. Try them out!
32 Check out the Marketplace to find new worlds and adventures.
33 Apply to become a Marketplace Creator!
34 Mash-up packs come with a world to explore, skins, textures, and even new music.
35 Did you know there are over 500 community-created Marketplace packs with more added every week?
36 Join the discussion at discord.gg/Minecraft
37 Emerald ores are the rarest ores in Minecraft! They can only be found in extreme hill biomes!
38 Taming a skeleton horse doesn't require a saddle.
39 Ocelots show creepers who's boss!
40 Diorite, you either love it or hate it.
41 Phantoms are dangerous mobs that appear during the night. Make sure to sleep regularly!
42 Zombies turn into drowned if they sink underwater.
43 MINECON takes place every year! Look out for the next one!
44 Using fireworks boosts elytra speed in mid air. Just... make sure they don't explode, otherwise it'll hurt BADLY!
45 Gold is most common in mesa biomes.
46 Do people actually read these?
47 Infinite wonders, Endless possibilities.
49 Sprint in water to swim!
50 Riptide enchantment will propel you through the air in the rain.
51 MINECON Earth is a worldwide interactive live-streaming event. Grab your items and join the party!
52 Be nice to animals!
53 The Beacon is a powerful item that can only be crafted with a nether star from the Wither!
54 Don't kill dolphins, you monster!
55 Did you know that nether stars can't be destroyed by explosions?
56 When digging straight up, place a torch at your feet to break any sand or gravel that could potentially fall down on you.

Nether Update[edit]

Loading tips and trivia as of 1.16.0.

# Text
1 You can barter with Piglins.
2 Shear a Beehive or nest to get Honeycomb, use a Bottle to get honey.
3 Place a Campfire under a Beehive or nest to harvest honey peacefully. Your bees will thank you.
4 Respawning in the Nether requires a charged Respawn Anchor.
5 You can charge a Respawn Anchor with Glowstone.
6 You can breed Hoglins with Crimson Fungus, but it is dangerous!


Loading tips and trivia for users on the beta.

# Text
1 When you're on the beta, you can only play with other friends who are also on the beta!
2 Remember, you can't play on Realms and most servers when you’re on the beta.
3 Whatever you buy in the beta is real and will still be there if you leave the beta.
4 Don’t forget to create backups of your worlds before loading them in the beta.
5 Please log all bugs you find at bugs.mojang.com
6 Want to chat with us about the beta? Join the Minecraft Discord at discord.gg/Minecraft
7 Do you have a great idea for a new feature? Tell us on the beta forum of the feedback site at feedback.minecraft.net
8 Find a bug? Please tell us about it at bugs.mojang.com
9 If your friends can't join your world, it may be because they aren't also on the beta.
10 Remember to back up your worlds often & before you open them in the beta.
11 Thank you for participating in the beta!
12 Need help leaving the beta? Check out aka.ms/MinecraftXIP
13 The beta program is currently only available on Windows 10, Xbox One, and Android.
14 Remember, beta builds are not the final product. You might find crashes, glitches, and other weird stuff.
15 We love your feedback! Tell us what you think at feedback.minecraft.net
16 Did you know you can talk to our developers on discord.gg/Minecraft?
17 Don’t worry about crashing because crashes on the beta mean less crashes later!

Education Edition[edit]

# Text
1 You can hold down Shift to take a close up picture using the Camera.
2 Unlike Signs, you can edit Slates, Posters, and Boards over and over again.
3 Use Ctrl+B to turn on text-to-speech capabilities for in-game chat.
4 You can export your Minecraft world to share it with others.
5 To have your peers connect to your world, pause your game and share your IP address.
6 Remember that to use slash commands, you need to enable cheats in your world.
7 Done with your creation? Have others tour your world in Adventure Mode to protect your work.
8 To use code builder, press C on your keyboard or touch the Agent icon at the top of your screen!
9 Use the Library to find new game worlds to build in.
10 Looking for a specific biome? Try the Library.
11 NPC stands for Non-Player Character.
12 In Survival Mode, players must find their own resources.
13 In Creative Mode, players can freely choose to build from any of the blocks in Minecraft.
14 Your code building robot helper is called the Agent.
15 Redstone can be used in Minecraft to create circuits and simple machines.
16 You can copy-and-paste from a text editor to a slate, poster, or board.
17 You can toggle Keyboard and Mouse Hints on or off in the Settings menu under Controls.
18 You can toggle Auto Jump on or off in the Settings menu under Controls.
19 While in Creative Mode, quickly press jump twice to fly.
20 Choose a Default Game Mode when creating world to specify the type of gameplay you want.
21 Use the command "/setworldspawn" to have new players begin playing where you are standing.
22 Choose a default player permission when creating your world to specify the permissions you want your classmates to have when they join.
23 Press I on your keyboard or touch the Immersive Reader icon to read or translate in-game text.


Bedrock Edition
1.2.0beta gameplay tips to the loading screen.
1.9.0beta several new loading screen tips and trivia suggested by the community.
1.14.0beta more new loading screen tips and trivia. These are only viewable by beta users.
1.16.0beta several new loading screen tips and trivia, related to the Nether Update and the Buzzy Bees.
Upcoming Bedrock Edition
1.16.100beta mixer.com/minecraft loading tips, since Mixer streaming services is no longer available.
Legacy Console Edition
TU1CU11.0Patch 11.0.1Added gameplay tips to the loading screen.