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Data values

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See Data values

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Boots are a type of armor that covers the feet of the player. There are five types of boots: leather boots, chainmail boots, iron boots, diamond boots and gold boots.



Ingredients Crafting recipe Description
Leather or
Gold Ingot or
Iron Ingot or

Damaged Matching Boots

The durability of the two boots is added together, plus an extra 5% durability.


If a zombie, zombie pigman or skeleton is wearing armor, there is a 8.5% chance (9.5% with Looting I, 10.5% with Looting II and 11.5% with Looting III) that the mob will drop boots upon death. It will usually be badly damaged, and may be enchanted.

Natural generation[edit]

Enchanted leather boots[note 1] can be found in 26.0% of shipwreck supply chests in groups of 1. In 1.14[upcoming] they can be found in 22.4% of shipwreck supply chests in groups of 1.

Iron boots can be found in 12.1% of stronghold altar chests and 25.6% of village blacksmith chests in groups of 1. In 1.14[upcoming] they can be found in 25.6% of village weaponsmith chests in groups of 1.

In Bedrock Edition, they can be found in 11.8% of stronghold altar chests in groups of 1.

Enchanted iron boots[note 2] can be found in 13.3% of End city chests in groups of 1.

In Bedrock Edition, chainmail boots can be found in 57.2% of buried treasure chests in groups of 1.

Enchanted diamond boots[note 2] can be found in 13.3% of End city chests in groups of 1.

  1. All enchantments are equally probable, except treasure enchantments, and any level of the enchantment is equally probable.
  2. a b Enchantment probabilities are the same as a level-20 to level-39 enchantment would be on an enchantment table that had no cap at level 30, and that was able to apply treasure enchantments, and where the chance of multiple enchantments is not reduced.


Armorer villagers sell chainmail boots for 5–7 emeralds as one of their fourth tier trades.


Leather boots can be caught as a “junk” item when fishing.


Boots can be placed in the 4th armor slot of a player's inventory for activation.

Defense points[edit]

Defense points are each signified by half of a chestplate in the armor bar above the health bar. Each defense point will reduce any damage dealt to the player which is absorbed by armor by 4%, increasing additively with the number of defense points. Different materials and combinations of armor provide different levels of defense.

The following table shows the amount of defense points added by boots.

Leather 1 (Half Armor.svg)
Golden 1 (Half Armor.svg)
Chainmail 1 (Half Armor.svg)
Iron 2 (Armor.svg)
Diamond 3 (Armor.svgHalf Armor.svg)


The following table shows the amount of damage each piece of armor can absorb before being destroyed.

Any "hit" from a damage source that can be blocked by armor will remove one point of durability from each piece of armor worn. Damage taken that armor doesn't protect (such as falling or drowning) will not damage the armor, even if it is enchanted to protect against that type of damage. The following chart displays how many hits boots can endure.

Leather 66
Golden 92
Chainmail/Iron 196
Diamond 430


Boots may be repaired by using them along with some of their crafting material (leather, gold ingots, iron ingots or diamonds) in an anvil. Chainmail boots may be repaired in this way with iron ingots. They may also be repaired by crafting them together with another pair of boots of like material.


Boots can receive the following enchantments:

  1. a b c d Fire Protection, Blast Protection, Projectile Protection and Protection are mutually exclusive
  2. Only from using an anvil and enchanted books.
  3. a b c d Only from using an anvil and enchanted books, or by finding enchanted boots in an End city chest.
  4. a b Frost Walker and Depth Strider are mutually exclusive

Smelting usage[edit]

Name Ingredients Smelting recipe
Iron Nugget or
Gold Nugget
Iron Boots or
Chainmail Boots or
Golden Boots +
Any fuel


Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Availability Xbox points earned Trophy type (PS)
Xbox PS Bedrock Nintendo
Let it Go!Using the Frost Walker boots, walk on at least one block on frozen water on a deep oceanYesYesYesWii U, Switch20GBronze

Data values[edit]

Item Name ID Numeric ID‌[BE only]
Leather Boots leather_boots 301
Chainmail Boots chainmail_boots 305
Iron Boots iron_boots 309
Diamond Boots diamond_boots 313
Golden Boots golden_boots 317


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Java Edition Classic
June 14, 2009Notch discussed how armor would work in Survival mode: "Two types of swords, two types of armor, two types of helmets. The basic versions require iron. The advanced versions require steel, which you make by combining iron and coal. Carrying swords, armor or helmets take up inventory slots, but otherwise have no penalty and work pretty much as you expect (prevent some damage, or cause more damage)"
August 13, 2009Notch tested with armor models. Only chestplates and helmets were available. They were merely aesthetic at the time and had no effect on gameplay.
0.24_SURVIVAL_TEST Armor models were tested with zombies and skeletons.
?Armor was later removed from zombies and skeletons.
Java Edition Indev
?Studded armor can be seen in the texture files.
(February 9, 2010)Notch revealed new models for armor, which included leggings and boots.
February 12, 2010, 1 Tested armor.[more info needed]
February 18, 2010 Added the cloth set, given the textures from one of Notch's previous games, Legend of the Chambered.
Added the chain set.
Added the iron set.
Added the gold set.
Added the diamond set.
Armor can be crafted and worn.
Armor now functions. All helmets give 3 (Armor.svgHalf Armor.svg), all chestplates give 8 (Armor.svgArmor.svgArmor.svgArmor.svg), all leggings give 6 (Armor.svgArmor.svgArmor.svg), and all boots give 3 (Armor.svgHalf Armor.svg). Armors have limited durability, with lower tier armors less durable than higher tier armors.
Java Edition Alpha
v1.0.8 Renamed wool armor to leather armor.
Leather armor is now crafted with leather instead of wool.
Java Edition
1.0.0 Beta 1.9 Prerelease Each tier now provide different amounts of protection.
October 3, 2011The first images of a player wearing enchanted armor are revealed.
Beta 1.9 Prerelease 3 Iron armor can now be found in the new stronghold altar chests.
Beta 1.9 Prerelease 4 Armor can be enchanted.
1.1 12w01a Iron armor can be found in the new blacksmith chests in villages.
1.2.1 12w06a Zombies drop iron helmets on rare occasions, and zombie pigmen drop golden helmets.
1.3.1 12w15a ⇧ Shift+clicking can now be used to wear armor.
12w21a Chain armor can now be obtained legitimately in survival mode through trading.
Blacksmith villagers now sell chain boots for 5–6 emeralds, chain leggings for 9–10 emeralds, chain chestplates for 11–14 emeralds and chain helmets for 5–6 emeralds.
They sell diamond boots for 7 emeralds, diamond leggings for 11–13 emeralds, diamond chestplates for 16–18 emeralds and diamond helmets for 7 emeralds.
They sell iron boots for 4–5 emeralds, iron leggings for 8–9 emeralds, iron chestplates for 10–13 emeralds and iron helmets for 4–5 emeralds.
Butchers now sell leather boots, caps and pants each for 2–3 emeralds, and leather tunics for 4 emeralds.
1.4.2 12w32a Mob armor is reintroduced. A partial or full set of any armor is sometimes worn by zombies, skeletons and zombie pigman, with the likelihood increasing with difficulty.
August 17, 2012Jeb and Dinnerbone tweeted pictures of dyeable leather armor.
12w34a Leather armor can now be dyed by crafting a leather armor piece with dyes. Dyes can be removed by using dyed leather armor on a cauldron with water.
Default leather armor texture is slightly darker.
12w34b Leather and diamond armor models were altered. Leather tunics have buttons and longer sleeves, and leather caps no longer have a central, narrow protrusion. Diamond chestplates have notches under the shoulders.
12w36a Dyed leather armor are more saturated and have a slight tint of tan in respect to the default armor color.
Wither skeletons can spawn with random armor.
12w37a Leather armor now has non-dyed parts. This was implemented so that players can distinguish between other types of armor and similarly colored leather armor.
1.4.6 12w50a The Thorns enchantment can be enchanted on chestplates.
1.5 13w04a Armor in your hand can be equipped by right-clicking.
Dispensers can equip nearby players with armor.
1.6.1 13w18a Golden chestplates are now found in the new chests in nether fortresses.
1.7.2 13w36a Leather boots can be obtained as one of the "junk" items by fishing.
1.8 14w02a Trades changed: armorer villagers now sell chain boots for 5–7 emeralds, chain leggings for 9–11 emeralds, chain chestplates for 11–15 emeralds and chain helmets for 5–7 emeralds.
They sell enchanted diamond chestplates for 16–19 emeralds, and no longer sell other diamond armor.
They sell iron chestplates for 10–14 emeralds and iron helmets for 4–6 emeralds, and no longer sell other iron armor.
Leatherworkers now sell leather pants for 2–4 emeralds and enchanted leather tunics for 7–12 emeralds, and no longer sell other leather armor.
14w05a Armor no longer turns red when mobs/players are hurt.
14w06a Armor is now visible on giants.
14w25a Chain armor cannot be crafted anymore due to the item form of fire being removed.
1.9 15w31a Enchanted iron and diamond armor can now be found in end city ship chests.
Mobs now wear armor from the bottom to the top, rather than from the top to the bottom. This means that a mob with three armor pieces, for example, will spawn with all armor except a helmet.
15w34b Armor durability now affects armor value.
15w36a Armor and armor enchantment calculations changed. For the original values, see here.
15w36d Armor durability affecting value removed.
Armor now has an attribute controlling the defense points.
15w43a Decreased average yield of gold chestplates in nether fortress chests.
15w50a Added equip sounds for all types of armor.
16w02a Armor and armor enchantment calculations changed again.
16w05a Armor calculations changed again.
1.11 16w39a Diamond and chainmail chestplates are now found in the new woodland mansion chests.
1.11.1 16w50a Golden, chain and iron armor now smelt down into one of their respective nuggets.
1.13 17w47a Prior to The Flattening, these items' numeral IDs were 298 through 317.
18w07a Added turtle shells.
18w09a Leather tunics and golden helmets now have a chance of generating in underwater ruins.
18w10a Leather tunics can now generate in buried treasure chests.
18w11a Enchanted leather caps, tunics, pants, and boots can generate in the chests of shipwrecks.
18w20a Chain armor pieces renamed to "chainmail".
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.6.0 Added the leather set.
Added the chain set.
Added the iron set.
Added the golden set.
Added the diamond set.
0.8.0 ? Changed leather armor sprites to that of the PC version, but its armor model remains that of older versions.
0.9.0 build 1 Iron armor naturally generates in village chests and a stronghold altar chest.
0.11.0 build 11 Armor will now only protect against mob damage.
0.12.1 ?Armor can now be worn by mobs.
Armor no longer turns red when mobs/players are hurt.
Golden Chestplate Can be Found in Nether Fortress Chest.
Chainmail Armor now obtainable in survival via mob that wearing it.
Leather Boots can be obtained from fishing as a junk item.
0.14.0 build 1 Leather armor can now be dyed and the model has been updated.
0.15.0 build 1 Armor can be obtained from Stray and Husk that naturally spawn with armor.
0.15.10 Capes no longer clip through armor.
Pocket Edition
1.0 alpha Enchanted Iron Armor and Enchanted Diamond Armor can be found inside End city chests.
1.0.4 alpha Iron Helmet, Iron Chestplate, Enchated Diamond Chestplate and Chainmail Armor are now sold by Armorer smith Villager via trading.
1.1 alpha Golden, chain and iron armor can now be smelted down into one of their respective nuggets.
Diamond Chestplate and Chainmail Chestplate can be found inside woodland mansion chests.
Bedrock Edition
1.4 beta Chainmail helmets, chestplates, leggings, and boots now generate in buried treasure chests.
Enchanted Leather Armor now can be found inside shipwreck supply room chests.
beta Leather Chestplates and Golden Helmets now can be found inside underwater ruins chests.
1.5 beta Added Turtle Shells
Upcoming Bedrock Edition
1.10 beta Iron armor now can be found in villager weaponsmith.
Leather armor now found inside village tannery house.
Legacy Console Edition
TU1CU11.0Patch 1Patch s1 Added the leather set.
Added the iron set.
Added the golden set.
Added the diamond set.
TU5 Added the chain set.
Added a quick equip for armor to the inventory interface.
TU121.03 Changed the texture for leather armor.
TU141.05Leather armor can be dyed.
Item repair can repair armors.
TU25CU131.16Armor now has the quick equip functionality.
TU53CU431.49Patch 23Patch s3Golden, chain and iron armor now smelt down into one of their respective nuggets.
New Nintendo 3DS Edition
0.1.0 Added Armor.


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