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Minecraft launcher



Release date

February 11, 2021

2.2.1768 (Windows), 2.2.1769 (macOS), or 2.2.1767 (Linux), was an update to the launcher released on February 11, 2021.



  • Adding animations to the Launcher. The game logos now have a nice bounce effect and the play button transitions to the corner.
  • New design for patch notes for Minecraft: Java Edition.
  • Add support for Russian (pre-revolutionary) in the Launcher.
  • Added Patch Notes tab for Minecraft Dungeons.
  • Changed direction of fullscreen dialog animation.
  • Enable localization of "No matching results" string on news page.
  • Will only installing JRE if the player starts Minecraft: Java Edition. Mojang figured that the player might not want it if they only play Minecraft Dungeons.


  • Removed arrow animation on disabled dropdown when hovering
  • MCL-16538 - Unable to launch Minecraft Launcher.
  • MCL-16661 - "Play" button can still be pressed while disabled.