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2.1.9618 (Linux), 2.1.9617 (macOS), or 2.1.9616 (Windows) was a major update to the launcher released on November 12, 2019, which fixed bugs.



  • MCL-12484 – Game switches to another account while starting the game
  • MCL-12415 - Launcher does not remember preferred installation to launch
  • MCL-12341 - Linux Launcher is invisible on Wayland
  • MCL-12279 - Launcher window is not created if using the beta launcher
  • MCL-12253 - Excessive CPU usage and memory leaks
  • MCL-12212 - Launcher overload in background
  • MCL-12191 - Launcher not appearing
  • MCL-12075 - Fresh install of launcher defaults to snapshots
  • MCL-11617 - More Settings button only displays a gray panel
  • MCL-11270 - Unable to Login To Launcher
  • MCL-11234 - Unable to change profile's version in Linux