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Release date

June 25, 2019

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2.1.5387 (Windows), 2.1.5386 (macOS), or 2.1.5385 (Linux) was a major launcher version released on June 26, 2019, which fixed bugs.



  • Added more logging to track down MCL-11112: Launcher cannot establish connection to the internet.
  • Added the Launcher version to the log file.
  • Added more icons to choose for installations.
  • Updated translations.
  • Changed networking settings to try to alleviate MCL-11112 – Launcher cannot establish connection to the internet.
  • New drop down component to fix accessibility and selection problems.


  • Fixed a news post being missing when in demo mode.
  • Fixed the icons of default installations being wrong.
  • Fixed installations added by third party software not showing up as selected on start.
  • MCL-11002 – Version list on the Play page does not sort according to settings.
  • MCL-11003: The installation icons still use the old textures.
  • MCL-11099: JVM Arguments not being applied properly.
  • MCL-11101: Crash on Linux when system locale settings are not as expected.
  • MCL-11137: Launcher blank after login on Linux.
  • MCL-11145: Unable to play demo version.