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2.1.5239 (Windows), 2.1.5238 (macOS) or 2.1.5236 (Linux) was a major launcher version released on June 24, 2019, which redesigned the look of the launcher.[1][2]


  • The launcher now has a sidebar with tabs to select which game to play.
    • Currently only Java Edition can be launched here.
    • News tab is now located in this sidebar.
  • Added "patch notes" tab, which displays the changelog of the latest major version.
  • Added the "Skins" tab, which does not yet allow you to change your skin.
    • Instead, it displays the text: "COMING SOON. Skins will be coming back to the Launcher soon! For now, go to to manage your skins".


  • Redesigned the launcher's style.
  • Launcher now defaults to a size of 984×600px rather than 600×600px.
  • Renamed "Launch options" tab to "Installations".
  • Launcher versioning information is now located in the Settings menu instead of appearing when clicking the version number displayed in the bottom left.
  • Disabled unapproved languages.
  • Updated translations and added many new ones.