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Launcher 2.1.50xx

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Minecraft launcher



Release date

June 18, 2019

Beta for


2.1.5069 (Windows), 2.1.5070 (macOS), or 2.1.5071 (Linux) was a launcher beta version released on June 18, 2019, which updated translations and fixed bugs.[1]


  • Updated translations.


9 bugs fixed
  • Fixed problems launching beta versions of Forge.[1][2]
  • Fixed patch note link leading to the incorrect page.
  • Fixed taskbar icon and WM class on linux.
  • Fixed crash report not showing up immediately if launcher was re-opened on game crash.
  • Fixed unapproved languages not showing up in the beta launcher.[2]
  • MCL-10996 – Some languages are not available in the launcher
  • MCL-11027 – Beta launcher: cannot launch 1.7.10
  • MCL-11038 – Dropdown arrow moves down when width is too small
  • MCL-11039 – When on the login screen, pressing tab after entering username selects "?" instead of password field