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Launcher 2.1.144xx

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Launcher 2.1.14401.png

Minecraft launcher

Release date


Windows, Linux: May 5, 2020
macOS: May 7, 2020

Release: May 18, 2020

2.1.14401 (Windows), 2.1.14433 (macOS), or 2.1.14403 (Linux) was an update to the launcher.



  • Better error handling with more informative messages.
  • Migrated a few Launcher settings from launcher_profiles.json to launcher_settings.json.
  • Updated Japanese and Chinese translations.
  • Lower translation threshold to 50%.
  • Add external icon next to external links.
  • Make Loading overlay cover whole login page.
  • UI tweaks and minor bug fixes.


  • MCL-13293: adapt debian libpango dependency for package renaming.
  • MCL-13704: Remove potentially sensitive info from log.