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Launcher 1.1.1

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Minecraft launcher

Release date

July 18, 2013

Other instances
of 1.1.1

1.1.1 was a launcher version released on July 18, 2013.



  • New-look launcher and login screen
  • Launcher now closes automatically when game window opens


  • MCL-416 – minecraft launcher uses old directory even when a new one has been given
  • MCL-599 – IllegalStateException on login during assets download
  • MCL-945 – Copying profile of Account 1 will overwrite Account 1's name to Account's 2 name after logging in with Account 2 (Donor Account gets changed to Recipient Account)
  • MCL-983 – Multiple Types of Minecraft Crashes on Launch - Mac
  • MCL-1059 – Java Double Instance - Causing MAJOR Lag
  • MCL-1184 – Launcher doesn't close when requested
  • MCL-1199 – Attempting to close Launcher freezes Launcher