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Comparison between large and normal. The red dot is the origin of the world. Both worlds have the same seed. The red squares present the same geography, clearly scaled up in the large biomes world.
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Large Biomes is a world type.


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Large Biome worlds are generated as Default worlds, but scaled 4x (multiplied by 4 along the X and Z axis), causing the biomes of the Overworld to be expansive. A Default and Large Biome world sharing the same seed will be the same overall geographically. Rivers will not be larger than they are in a default world.

The player can use a map to gain a visual representation of the scale of the biomes in their world.

To generate large biomes in customized worlds, set the biome size value to 6.



Java Edition
1.3.1 12w19a Large Biomes introduced.


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