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Jolly Llama
Jolly Llama.png
Health points

15♥ × 7.5 to 30♥ × 15[verify]



Internal ID


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’’The jolly llama is a very festive animal only seen during the holidays. It loves to seek out and eat ferns that fill it with joy, causing it to jump around the environment jingling its bells. Jingle Jangle.’’

Player Journal Description

The Jolly Llama is a neutral mob that serves as a Christmas-themed variant of the llama found in Minecraft Earth


Jolly llamas look for Fern and Large Fern and eat them. After eating them, they start prancing around and make a jingling noise when they hop.


Minecraft Earth
0.6.0Jolly Llama.png Added jolly llamas.
0.9.0Jolly llamas can now eat ferns covered in snow.


  • Unlike a normal llama, the texture of the width of the carpet layer and the height of the nose layer of jolly llamas are one pixel larger.