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Since the beginning of Minecraft's development, there have been a number of features added to the game that have no actual use in Survival or in Creative. Some of these features are leftover from removed features, or simply placeholders for new features.

Note that this page only documents unused features that are currently in the game. See Java Edition removed features for features previously in the game that are no longer available.




Giants are an unused mob added in Indev. They appear to be a giant zombie. Giants have no movement AI, therefore they are unable to walk around. They cannot spawn naturally because the game requires the light level to be both greater than 11 and less than 8 and those conditions cannot be met in vanilla. This makes them impossible to appear through spawners.

Giants can only be summoned using the /summon giant command.

The Killer Bunny[edit]

Killer Bunny.png

The killer bunny is a variant of the rabbit that is hostile to all players and tamed wolves. Its fur is pure white with blood-red eyes that are horizontal, compared to a normal rabbit's vertical eyes.

If the killer bunny finds any player within a 16-block radius, it will hop very quickly towards the player, much faster than a normal rabbit. It moves in a style similar to that of a spider. Once it closes in, it will lunge at the player, dealing a fair amount of damage. If the player strikes at the killer bunny, it will run away for a brief moment, then return to lunging at the player. Killer rabbits are also immune to the Thorns enchantment.

If it cannot find a player, the killer bunny will actively seek out and attack any wolves as well, including tamed wolves. These wolves will, in turn, attack the killer bunny, leading to a vicious fight.

On peaceful difficulty, the killer bunny will not despawn, despite its hostile nature. It will still attack wolves and tamed wolves.

The killer bunny can only be spawned with the /summon rabbit ~ ~ ~ {RabbitType:99} command.

Zombie Horse[edit]

Zombie Horse.png

Zombie horses are a variant of horses that were added in Java Edition 1.6.1, along with normal and skeleton horses. There is a zombie horse spawn egg available only in creative, but they remain unused in survival.

In addition to spawn eggs, zombie horses can be spawned with the /summon zombie_horse command.



The illusioner is an unused illager that was added in Java Edition 1.12. Like other illagers, they will attack players, villagers, wandering traders and iron golems within a 12 blocks range. It will attack with its spells, and with its bow.

The illusioner has two spells: a spell that blinds its opponent, and a spell that summons duplicates and makes the illusioner invisible.

The illusioner has a face that is just like the face of a vindicator.

Illusioners can only be spawned with the /summon illusioner command.


The uncraftable potion is a potion added in the Java Edition 1.9 snapshot 15w44b with no effect that is unobtainable in survival without cheats. It is also available in splash potion and lingering potion forms, as well as for tipped arrows. It serves as a placeholder for potions that have missing or invalid potion-effect tags, which they automatically default to.

It can be obtained using the following command: /give @p minecraft:potion 1 0 {Potion:"minecraft:empty"}.

Icon Name DV
Uncraftable Potion 373
Uncraftable Splash Potion 438
Uncraftable Lingering Potion 440
Uncraftable Tipped Arrow 441

There are also potions that cannot be brewed, and give the player status effects not intended to be received by potions; e.g. Wither, Nausea. Again, these can only be obtained through custom potions.

Status effects[edit]

Various status effects remain unused in the game. They can be obtained using /effect or potion NBT data, but have no way of being obtained other than that.

Bad Luck[edit]

Bad Luck reduces chances of high-quality loot.

Health Boost[edit]

During the Java Edition 1.6.1 snapshots, the health boost status effect was added. It boosted the player's hearts for a temporary time. It could be obtained from eating a golden apple.

In the next main snapshot, golden apples give the player absorption instead of health boost, but the effect was still left in the game.

In Java Edition 1.9 and Java Edition 1.14, developers gave the Health Boost effect a new texture, despite the fact that it is still not in use.


The following biomes remain unused since 13w36a and 18w08b. While they do not naturally generate in default worlds, they can be accessed using the Buffet world type.

Biome ID Name and Features Description Images

Mountain Edge

Temperature: 0.2

Grass, Dirt, Stone, Pigs, Sheep, Cows, Wolves, Spruce trees, Oak trees, Snow (occasionally)

Similar to the jungle edge sub-biome, this sub-biome generates exclusively at the edge of mountains biomes (or any variant). Mountain Edge.png

Deep Warm Ocean

Temperature: 0.1

Pufferfish mobs, Tropical fish mobs, Warm underwater ruins, Sand, Kelp, Seagrass, Ocean monuments, Guardians, Elder guardians

Similar to warm ocean biomes, but twice as deep. Because they are a deep ocean variant, they can generate ocean monuments, resulting in the spawning of guardians, elder guardians, prismarine, and sponges. Deep Warm Ocean.png


Audio loops[edit]

Loops were unused sounds, found in the game files, and were possibly meant for when the player is in a specific type of location (i.e., in caves, forests, the ocean and beside a waterfall).

They were found in .minecraft/resources/sound/loops/, and could be converted to reveal four loops, of birds chirping, cave chimes, ocean and waterfall noises.

Loop Track
Birds Chirping
Cave Chimes


Zombie Horse Track
Others Track
Ghast affectionate scream
Classic Hurt
Successful Hit
Wolf Howl 1
Wolf Howl 2

However, the "Breath" sound is still usable by running /playsound minecraft:entity.player.breath ambient @a in chat and command blocks.

Silverfish Walking Sounds Track


Various resources located in the game's assets files that remain unused.

Angry villager head[edit]


In the particles sheet, there is an angry villager head which remains unused.

Purple arrow[edit]

Purple Arrow.png
The arrow and the purple arrow beside each other, in that respective order.
The purple arrow shot by a skeleton in Survival Test.

Purple arrows were shot by skeletons in Survival Test and acted the same as regular arrows, but could not be picked up. The purple arrow used a texture on the same sheet as the normal arrows, but the texture is not currently in use.

In Java Edition 1.9, a new texture was added for arrows, causing the original arrow texture, including the purple arrows to be entirely unused.[needs testing]


A ruby

On May 21, 2012, Jeb released a screenshot of himself testing the trading system. At this time, what would become emerald ore in Java Edition 1.3.1 was ruby ore. The previous ruby texture remains in the ruby.png file. It is unknown if the texture will ever be used. Dinnerbone stated in a forum post[1] that they went with emeralds instead of rubies at the last minute because he is colorblind and he had a hard time spotting the difference between ruby ore and redstone ore.
The names "Ruby Ore" and "Ruby" were still in the .lang files, but they were removed.

Villager speech bubble[edit]

A villager speech bubble

The villager speech bubble is an image that was added along with the villager.png file in the jar when the trading system was added. It showed a trade, where raw chicken could be sold to villagers for another raw chicken. Both raw chickens have the old texture. During an interview about villagers, Jeb offered a possible explanation: "We did some experiments with thoughts bubbles, but it didn't look good. So in the end, after I’d been lead on Minecraft for a year, we just decided to add an interface instead." [2]

The texture has been partially overwritten by the selection arrows.

debug.png and debug2.png[edit]

Vector debug2.svg Vector debug.svg

These textures were added in Java Edition 1.9 snapshot 15w31a. They are used by the developers, maybe for making block models.

Despite being unused, both of these blocks were given new textures for the 2018 April Fools' update: .

Minecart texture[edit]

Texture from the minecart model is only visible in rare occasions. The texture appears to be dirt, which is an artifact of when the minecart used to act like a portable chest. The "dirt" level used to raise when items were put into it. The texture still appears inside minecarts, but it's blocked by a different texture. It can only be seen in spectator mode.

Vindicator, evoker and witch hood[edit]

Witch hood seen on 18w50a.
Evoker hood seen on Meet the Evoker

The Evoker, vindicator and witch are hostile mobs based off the Villagers, and they have an unused hood texture.

Evoker hood can be seen on Meet the evoker and the witch hood on 18w50a.

Footprint particle[edit]

The texture still exists.

Zombie pigmen, guardian and armor stand[edit]

Zombie pigmen texture contains text "THX XAPHOBIA". Guardian texture contains text "Jeb" the Jens Bergensten nickname. Armor stand texture contains text "Searge" the Michael Stoyke nickname.


banner_base and banner_overlay item textures exist but are unused, suggesting that banners may have had a two-step crafting process once, or it was once going to use an item model instead of the original entity model (maybe used for pre-existing small sprites of colored banners, like they'd color the overlay separately).

Old zombie villager texture[edit]

Old zombie villager texture

Old texture from 12w32a snapshot still exists in "textures/entity/zombie" directory but it’s unused.

Map icons[edit]

Some extra icons for maps. The white and green arrows are the only ones used normally, though the colored arrows are used for multiplayer in the Bedrock and Legacy Console Editions.

Selected and Unselected[edit]

Squares labeled "SEL" and "UN SEL" (likely "SELECTED" and "UNSELECTED") can be found in "textures\gui\container\creative_inventory\tabs.png". Purpose unknown, though they could possibly be used as a template for the selected tabs and unselected tabs with the rest of tabs.png.

Skeleton melee attack[edit]

Skeletons without bows can be spawned with commands and attack melee.


Java Edition Indev
0.3120100205Added giants.
Giants act like any normal hostile mob – they will walk towards the player until they are touching them. However, the giant is not able to "touch" anything unless standing on top of it, making it hard for them to do combat against opponents.
Java Edition
1.7.213w36aGiants can now be spawned without mods by using the new /summon command.
13w36aZombie horses are now available without third-party tools, with the introduction of the /summon command.
1.814w06aArmor on giants is now rendered. This originated from a bug in 14w05a, which caused all mobs to render worn armor. In repairing this bug, Grum has now allowed giants to render armor.
Giants' AI has now been removed.
14w28aKiller Rabbit spawn rate has now been reduced from 1/1000 to 1/2500.
14w29aKiller Rabbits will now no longer spawn in peaceful difficulty.
14w31aKiller Bunny Revision 2.png Rabbits will now have sounds and a revised model that includes a tail, and can now take fall damage.
14w34aKiller Bunny Revision 3.png Hostile rabbits now have a new texture and a new name ('The Killer Bunny'), and they will now ignore creative mode players.
Killer Bunnies will now no longer spawn without the use of commands. According to a later comment by Jeb, the Killer Bunny was removed from normal gameplay because "it's a tired joke and it's been referenced in so many games," another reason being "they're basically a random death event."[3]
Black and white mottled fur rabbit's eye color has now been changed from pink to black.
pre1Killer Bunny.png Killer Bunny texture has now been changed, as it now no longer has blood.
1.915w43a44bDrops changed several times. The end result is that zombie horses now always drop 1 rotten flesh, not affected by Looting.
15w47bAdded sounds for zombie horses eating food given by a player.
1.1016w20aAdded zombie horse spawn egg.
pre2Removed zombie horse spawn eggs.
1.1116w32aChanged entity ID from Giant to giant.
Now has a separate ID from horses: zombie_horse
Re-added zombie horse spawn egg.
1.1217w16aAdded illusioners.
17w17aThe Illusioner's blindness spell now will be cast only if the regional difficulty is 3 or above.
Illusioners now have new sound effects.
17w17bThe Illusioner's blindness spell now will be cast only if the regional difficulty is greater than 2.
1.13pre5The entity ID for illusioners has now been changed from illusion_illager to illusioner.
1.1418w46aAdded a loot table to illusioners.
18w50aGiants now use zombie AI (for instance, they will move and burn in sunlight) and NBT data.
Giants now have the zombie hurt sound effect.
Giants no longer have the player hurt sound effect.
Giants now move twice as fast as zombies and burn in the sun.
Giants now attack and infect villagers.
19w03aReverted giant changes in snapshot 18w50a.