Java Edition pre-Classic rd-20090513-1351

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Java Edition

Date developed

May 13, 2009

Download Unavailable
This article's name is conjectural.
An official name is yet to be given to the subject matter and may change at any time.
This page documents an unreleased version.
While there is proof of this version's existence, it was never released to the public.

rd-20090513-1351 refers to a pre-Classic version of Minecraft (then known as Cave Game) made on May 13, 2009. This version was unreleased, and no footage exists of this build.


  • Reduced performance.[1]


  1. "lwjgl IRC logs" – Echelog, May 13, 2009. "[13:51:00] <Notch> wait, I think I did my math wrong here somewhere. 3 terabytes of ram?"