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Java Edition

Release date

May 15, 2009


Client (.json)

rd-160052 is a pre-Classic version made on May 15, 2009, at 22:52 UTC.[1][note 1] It is available in the launcher.


  • Added "block particle" entities.
    • They appear when blocks are broken.
    • Fall to the ground before disappearing.


  • The name of the game is changed from "Minecraft: Order of the Stone" to "Minecraft".
  • The "rd" prefix in the update's name stands for RubyDung, a previous game Notch worked on and abandoned, and was used as some of Minecraft's inspiration.
  • The launcher version of this client has been tampered with to be in fullscreen mode.


  • When taking a screenshot with PrintScreen, it will take a screenshot of the frame that the program first showed on the screen. Each time the player runs or alt-tabs into the program, it updates that image in memory. When the player hits print screen, it doesn't take what's shown on the player's screen, but for some reason pulls it from that memory.
  • When alt-tabbing the GUI disappears (Linux).
  • Sometimes, rendering glitches occur.



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  1. While some sources imply that this version was released on May 16, it was actually released at 22:52 UTC on May 15 (which is 00:52 on May 16, Sweden time).