Java Edition pre-Classic rd-132211

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Java Edition

Release date

May 13, 2009

Compilation date

August 6, 2013 (recompilation)


Client (.json)

rd-132211 is a pre-Classic version made on May 13, 2009, at 20:11 UTC.[1] It is the oldest version available in the launcher.


  • Placing and destroying blocks.
    • Left-clicking places a block. Right-clicking destroys a block.
  • Blocks cannot be placed past the existing border.
  • Falling off the edge or digging through the bottom of the world will not kill the player.
  • The level can be saved by pressing ↵ Enter.[verify]


  • Block types are handled depending upon where they are located within the world, as opposed to later versions where any block can be placed anywhere. Blocks at the same level as grass turn to grass and blocks at the same level as cobblestone or air turn to cobblestone.
World generation
  • Level generation improved to be not so messy and random (as shown in the Cave game tech test video), but instead completely flat.


  • This is the oldest version of Classic in the launcher, listed as old_alpha rd-132211. It is also the earliest found version of Minecraft.
  • The 'rd' before the version number stands for RubyDung, a game Notch was working on.
  • Holding down R causes the player to rapidly cycle through respawn locations above the level until it is released.



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