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This page documents an unreleased version.
While there is proof of this version's existence, it was never released to the public.
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Java Edition

Official name

Cave game tech test[1]
Cave Game tech demo[2]

Date developed

May 13, 2009


Cilent not archived

rd-131655 (officially known as Cave game tech test[1] or Cave Game tech demo[2]) was a pre-Classic version made on May 13, 2009, at 16:55 UTC.[3] This version was never released, but was recorded by Notch from around 17:00 UTC and uploaded at 17:36.[4] It is the first known version of Minecraft, or what was then known as Cave Game, to have been recorded, although there were some builds before this version.


  • Each chunk is now 16×16 blocks instead of 8×8 to improve performance.[3]
  • Chunks are now loaded in order of their proximity to the player.[5]


  • The game takes 20 seconds to generate a 256×64×256 map.[6]


Note: All videos from Nizzotch, Notch's YouTube channel, have been region-locked in all countries.


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