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Java Edition

Release date

May 16, 2009

Download Unavailable
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mc-161648[note 1] was a pre-Classic version released on May 16, 2009, at 16:48 UTC.[1]


  • Fixed mouse look issues.[2]


  • This version was the last unnumbered version of early Minecraft, as a version number was added from the next update.[3]


  1. This is only a placeholder name; the actual version was most likely unnamed.


  1. TigIRC logs: (12:48:58) notch: dock, fartron, Jrsquee: I've uploaded a new version that fixed the mouse lag for me. You might have to restart your browser to avoid applet cache issues. Could you see if it works now? =)
  2. TigIRC logs: (12:34:01) notch: ok, thank you. I need to fix this mouse look thing, I think. ;)
  3. TigIRC logs: (12:49:34) fartron: put in a build count or something so i can tell if it loaded the new one
    (12:49:56) notch: good idea. I'll add from the next version and up. =)