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Java Edition pre-Classic
rd-132328Steve (texture) JE1.png Added Steve's texture.
Java Edition Classic
0.24_SURVIVAL_TESTCreeper (texture) JE1.png Skeleton (texture) JE1 BE1.png Zombie (texture) JE1 BE1.png Added monster textures.
Pig (texture) JE1.png Added the pig texture.
Steve (texture) JE2.png Steve's texture has changed.
0.26 SURVIVAL TESTSpider (texture) JE1 BE1.png Added the spider texture.
Creeper (texture) JE2.png Updated the creeper texture.
0.28Sheep (texture) JE1.png Added the base texture for sheep.
Steve (texture) JE3 BE1.png Steve's texture has changed.
Java Edition Indev
Minecraft Indev20100214-1Spider (eyes texture) JE1 BE1.png The eyes on spiders now glow in the dark.
Java Edition Alpha
v1.0.8Cow (texture) JE1.png Added a texture for cows.
v1.0.11Slime (texture) JE1.png Added the texture for slimes.
v1.0.13Slime (texture) JE2.png The slime texture has been updated.
v1.0.14Chicken (texture) JE1.png Added a texture for chickens.
Cow (texture) JE2.png Updated the cow texture.
v1.2.0previewGhast (texture) JE1.png Ghast (firing texture) JE1.png Zombie Pigman (texture) JE0.png Added textures for ghasts and zombie pigmen.
releaseZombie Pigman (texture) JE1.png The zombie pigman's texture was changed, removing blood and adding thx xaphobia in the unused section for the final release.
Java Edition Beta
1.2Squid (texture) JE1.png Added the squid texture.
1.4Wolf (texture) JE1.png Wolf (angry texture) JE1.png Wolf (tame texture) JE1.png Added wolf textures.
1.7Silverfish (texture) JE1.png Added the silverfish texture in preparation.
1.8Pre-releaseCave Spider (texture) JE1.png Enderman (texture) JE1.png Enderman (eyes texture) JE1.png Added textures for cave spiders and endermen.
Pig (texture) JE2.png The pig texture has changed to accomodate for its new model.
releaseEnderman (eyes texture) JE2.png The enderman's eyes have changed.
Java Edition
1.0.0Beta 1.9 PrereleaseBlaze (texture) JE1.png Magma Cube (texture) JE1.png Mooshroom (texture) JE1.png Snow Golem (texture) JE1.png Blacksmith (texture) JE1.png Butcher (texture) JE1.png Farmer (texture) JE1.png Librarian (texture) JE1.png Nitwit (texture) JE1.png Priest (texture) JE1.png Added textures for blazes, magma cubes, mooshrooms, snow golems, and six villager professions.
Beta 1.9 Prerelease 3Cow (texture) JE3.png Updated the cow texture.
Beta 1.9 Prerelease 4Ender Dragon (ender texture) JE1.png Added an ender dragon texture called "ender". This is assumed to be the ender dragon's actual texture.
Beta 1.9 Prerelease 5Ender Dragon (ender eyes texture) JE1.png Ender Dragon (shuffle texture) JE1.png Added a texture for ender dragon eyes, and a texture named "shuffle" almost certaintly used for its death animation.
Beta 1.9 Prerelease 6Cow (texture) JE4.png Mooshroom (texture) JE2.png Pig (texture) JE3.png Wolf (texture) JE2.png Wolf (tame texture) JE2.png Magma Cube (texture) JE2.png Updated many mob textures, likely due to UV changes on the rear.
1.2.112w04aOcelot (texture) JE1.png Red Cat (texture) JE1.png Siamese Cat (texture) JE1.png Tuxedo Cat (texture) JE1.png Added textures for ocelots and cats.
12w05aCow (texture) JE5.png Mooshroom (texture) JE3.png Sheep (texture) JE2.png Updated cow, mooshroom and sheep textures, likely to fix hooves.
12w08aIron Golem (texture) JE1.png Added the iron golem texture.
1.2Iron Golem (texture) JE2.png The iron golem's texture has been resized as to be a power of two.
1.4.212w32aThe zombie texture now includes a zombie villager head.
The zombie pigman texture is now 64x64.
12w34aWither (texture) JE1.png Added the wither texture.
Wolf (tame texture) JE3.png The tamed wolf texture no longer has a collar attached.
Zombie Villager (texture) JE1.png Zombie villagers now have a unique texture. As a result, the head has been removed from the original zombie texture, although it remains 64x64 and the head texture remains there with alpha 0.
12w36aWither Skeleton (texture) JE1.png Added a texture for wither skeletons.
Wither (invulnerable texture) JE1.png Withers now have a unique invul texture.
12w38aBat (texture) JE1.png Witch (texture) JE1.png Added textures for bats and witches.
12w38bWitch (texture) JE2.png The witch texture has changed.
12w39aWitch (texture) JE3.png The witch texture has been resized.
1.6.113w16aBlack Horse (texture) JE1.png Brown Horse (texture) JE1.png Chestnut Horse (texture) JE1.png Creamy Horse (texture) JE1.png Dark Brown Horse (texture) JE1.png Gray Horse (texture) JE1.png White Horse (texture) JE1.png Six horse colors have been added.
Horse (black dots marking texture) JE1.png Horse (white marking texture) JE1.png Horse (white dots marking texture) JE1.png Horse (white field marking texture) JE1.png Marking textures have been added, applied to horses for variation.
Skeleton Horse (texture) JE1.png Zombie Horse (texture) JE1.png Skeleton and zombie horse textures have been added.
Donkey (texture) JE1.png Mule (texture) JE1.png Donkey and mule textures have been added.
13w21aBrown Horse (texture) JE2.png Chestnut Horse (texture) JE2.png Dark Brown Horse (texture) JE2.png Skeleton Horse (texture) JE2.png Certain horse textures have changed to solve an alignment issue.[1]

Non-mob entities[edit]

Java Edition Classic
0.24_SURVIVAL_TESTArrow (texture) JE1.png Added the shot arrow texture.
0.25 SURVIVAL TESTArrow (texture) JE2.png The arrow texture file has been updated to add purple skeleton arrows.
Java Edition Infdev
Minecraft Infdev20100618Minecart (texture) JE1.png Added the texture for minecarts.
Java Edition Alpha
v1.0.6Boat (texture) JE1.png Added the boat texture.
Java Edition Beta
1.8Pre-releaseExperience Orb (texture) JE1.png Added the texture for experience orbs.
Pre-release 2 ;)Experience Orb (texture) JE2.png The experience orb texture now features more orb sizes.
Java Edition
1.0.0Beta 1.9 Prerelease 3Enchanting Table (book texture) JE1.png Added the texture for the enchanting table's book.
Beta 1.9 Prerelease 6End Crystal (texture) JE1.png Added the end crystal texture.[is this the correct version?]
Minecart (texture) JE2.png The minecart texture has been adjusted slightly.
1.4.212w34aItem Frame (texture) JE1 BE1.png
The item frame texture has been added (oddly, to terrain.png rather than as its own entity texture).
1.6.113w16aLeash Knot (texture) JE1.png Added the texture for lead knots.
1.1418w43aItem Frame (texture) JE2 BE2.png
The item frame texture has been updated.

Armor models[edit]

Java Edition Classic
0.24_SURVIVAL_TESTPlate armor (texture) JE1.png Added the texture of plate armor, worn by some mobs.
Chain armor (texture) JE0.png Added an unused chain armor texture.
0.28Sheep (wool texture) JE1.png Added a texture for sheep wool.
Java Edition Indev
Minecraft Indev20100212-1Gold armor (texture 1) JE1.png Gold armor (texture 2) JE1.png Chain armor (texture 1) JE1.png Chain armor (texture 2) JE1.png Iron armor (texture 1) JE1.png Iron armor (texture 2) JE1.png Diamond armor (texture 1) JE1.png Diamond armor (texture 2) JE1.png Added textures for gold, chainmail, iron and diamond armor sets.
20100218Leather armor (texture 1) JE1.png Leather armor (texture 2) JE1.png Added the textures for leather armor.
Java Edition Infdev
Minecraft Infdev20100625-2Saddle (pig texture) JE1.png Added a texture for saddles when worn by pigs.
Java Edition Beta
1.5Creeper (charged texture) JE1.png Added the texure used by charged creepers.
Java Edition
1.4.212w34aLeather armor (texture 1) JE2.png Leather armor (texture 2) JE2.png Leather armor's base texture is now grayscale to allow for dyeing.
Wolf (collar texture) JE1.png Wolf collars are now their own texture to allow for dyeing.
12w34bWither (armor texture) JE1.png Added the wither armor texture.
Leather armor (texture 1) JE3.png Diamond armor (texture 1) JE2.png Leather and diamond chest armor texture sleeves have changed.
12w37aLeather armor (texture 1b) JE1.png Leather armor (texture 2b) JE1.png Added textures for regions on leather armor unaffected by dyeing.
Leather armor (texture 1) JE4.png Leather caps now have shading to support these regions and he nose guard has been removed.
1.6.113w16aIron armor (horse texture) JE1.png Gold armor (horse texture) JE1.png Diamond armor (horse texture) JE1.png Added textures for horse armor.

Unused textures[edit]