Java Edition hardware requirements

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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition.

Any computer with the following hardware should suffice for a vanilla installation of the game. However, for an enjoyable experience, it is encouraged to consult the recommended requirements.

Java 8 is required, though the game comes with its own version of Java, so no manual installation is required.

Requirements CPU RAM GPU Storage OS Notes
Minimum Intel Core i3-3210 / AMD A8-7600 APU or equivalent 4 GB

(2GB free)

Integrated: Intel HD Graphics 4000 (Ivy Bridge) or AMD Radeon R5 series (Kaveri line) with OpenGL 4.41
Discrete: Nvidia GeForce 400 Series or AMD Radeon HD 7000 series with OpenGL 4.4
~180 MB for program data, though worlds can drastically increase this amount. 1 GB should be enough for a normal amount of maps, resource packs, etc. Windows: Windows 7 or later
macOS: OS X 10.9 Maverick
Linux: Any distribution from 2014 or later
Internet access is needed for the launcher to update and download game files, then afterwards that version of Minecraft can be played offline.
Recommended Intel Core i5-4690 / AMD A10-7800 or equivalent 8 GB

(4GB free)

GeForce 700 Series or AMD Radeon Rx 200 Series (excluding integrated chipsets) with OpenGL 4.5 4 GB (SSD is recommended) Windows: Windows 10
macOS: OS X 10.12 Sierra
Linux: Any distribution from 2014 or later
Internet access is required for multiplayer, unless the server is on the LAN.

1 Any graphics card supporting OpenGL 1.3 API and VBOs .