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Many major updates for Java Edition are released in multiple minor updates, and each minor update potentially contains a lot of added and changed content. To make it easier to get up to speed with this, these guides have been made to reduce the complexity of the technical information as described by individual update pages.

The tables below list all guides, one for each major update, with on the right a list of the minor releases that are related to that update. Minor releases for which a guide isn't updated yet, are crossed out.

Full Release update guides[edit]

These guides describe major versions of Java Edition that have been released.

Guide Related minor releases
Nether Update
Buzzy Bees
Village & Pillage
Update Aquatic
World of Color Update
Exploration Update
Frostburn Update
Combat Update
Bountiful Update
The Update that Changed the World
Horse Update
Redstone Update
Pretty Scary Update
1.3 releases
1.2 releases
1.1 1.1
Adventure Update Beta 1.8Beta

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