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Item Namespaced ID
Acacia Boat acacia_boat
Apple apple
Armor Stand armor_stand
Arrow arrow
Baked Potato baked_potato
Bat Spawn Egg bat_spawn_egg
Bee Spawn Egg bee_spawn_egg
Raw Beef beef
Beetroot Seeds beetroot_seeds
Beetroot Soup beetroot_soup
Beetroot beetroot
Birch Boat birch_boat
Black Dye black_dye
Blaze Powder blaze_powder
Blaze Rod blaze_rod
Blaze Spawn Egg blaze_spawn_egg
Blue Dye blue_dye
Bone Meal bone_meal
Bone bone
Book book
Book and Quill writable_book
Bottle o' Enchanting experience_bottle
Bowl bowl
Bow bow
Bread bread
Brick brick
Brown Dye brown_dye
Bucket bucket
Green Dye green_dye
Carrot carrot
Carrot on a Stick carrot_on_a_stick
Cat Spawn Egg cat_spawn_egg
Cave Spider Spawn Egg cave_spider_spawn_egg
Chainmail Boots chainmail_boots
Chainmail Chestplate chainmail_chestplate
Chainmail Helmet chainmail_helmet
Chainmail Leggings chainmail_leggings
Charcoal charcoal
Minecart with Chest chest_minecart
Raw Chicken chicken
Chicken Spawn Egg chicken_spawn_egg
Chorus Fruit chorus_fruit
Clay clay_ball
Clock clock
Coal coal
Cocoa Beans cocoa_beans
Raw Cod cod
Bucket of Cod cod_bucket
Cod Spawn Egg cod_spawn_egg
Minecart with Command Block command_block_minecart
Compass compass
Cooked Chicken cooked_chicken
Cooked Cod cooked_cod
Cooked Mutton cooked_mutton
Cooked Porkchop cooked_porkchop
Cooked Rabbit cooked_rabbit
Cooked Salmon cooked_salmon
Cookie cookie
Cow Spawn Egg cow_spawn_egg
Banner Pattern (Creeper Charge) creeper_banner_pattern
Creeper Spawn Egg creeper_spawn_egg
Crossbow crossbow
Cyan Dye cyan_dye
Dark Oak Boat dark_oak_boat
Debug Stick debug_stick
Diamond Axe diamond_axe
Diamond Boots diamond_boots
Diamond Chestplate diamond_chestplate
Diamond Helmet diamond_helmet
Diamond Hoe diamond_hoe
Diamond Horse Armor diamond_horse_armor
Diamond Leggings diamond_leggings
Diamond Pickaxe diamond_pickaxe
Diamond Shovel diamond_shovel
Diamond Sword diamond_sword
Diamond diamond
Dolphin Spawn Egg dolphin_spawn_egg
Donkey Spawn Egg donkey_spawn_egg
Dragon's Breath dragon_breath
Dried Kelp dried_kelp
Drowned Spawn Egg drowned_spawn_egg
Egg egg
Elder Guardian Spawn Egg elder_guardian_spawn_egg
Elytra elytra
Emerald emerald
Empty Map map
Enchanted Book enchanted_book
Enchanted Golden Apple enchanted_golden_apple
End Crystal end_crystal
Eye of Ender ender_eye
Ender Pearl ender_pearl
Enderman Spawn Egg enderman_spawn_egg
Endermite Spawn Egg endermite_spawn_egg
Evoker Spawn Egg evoker_spawn_egg
Feather feather
Fermented Spider Eye fermented_spider_eye
Fire Charge fire_charge
Firework Rocket firework_rocket
Firework Star firework_star
Fishing Rod fishing_rod
Flint flint
Flint and Steel flint_and_steel
Banner Pattern (Flower Charge) flower_banner_pattern
Fox Spawn Egg fox_spawn_egg
Minecart with Furnace furnace_minecart
Ghast Spawn Egg ghast_spawn_egg
Ghast Tear ghast_tear
Glass Bottle glass_bottle
Glistering Melon Slice glistering_melon_slice
Banner Pattern (Globe) globe_banner_pattern
Glowstone Dust glowstone_dust
Gold Ingot gold_ingot
Gold Nugget gold_nugget
Golden Apple golden_apple
Golden Axe golden_axe
Golden Boots golden_boots
Golden Carrot golden_carrot
Golden Chestplate golden_chestplate
Golden Helmet golden_helmet
Golden Hoe golden_hoe
Golden Horse Armor golden_horse_armor
Golden Leggings golden_leggings
Golden Pickaxe golden_pickaxe
Golden Shovel golden_shovel
Golden Sword golden_sword
Gray Dye gray_dye
Guardian Spawn Egg guardian_spawn_egg
Gunpowder gunpowder
Heart of the Sea heart_of_the_sea
Hoglin Spawn Egg hoglin_spawn_egg
Honey Bottle honey_bottle
Honeycomb honeycomb
Minecart with Hopper hopper_minecart
Horse Spawn Egg horse_spawn_egg
Husk Spawn Egg husk_spawn_egg
Ink Sac ink_sac
Iron Axe iron_axe
Iron Boots iron_boots
Iron Chestplate iron_chestplate
Iron Helmet iron_helmet
Iron Hoe iron_hoe
Iron Horse Armor iron_horse_armor
Iron Ingot iron_ingot
Iron Leggings iron_leggings
Iron Nugget iron_nugget
Iron Pickaxe iron_pickaxe
Iron Shovel iron_shovel
Iron Sword iron_sword
Item Frame item_frame
Jungle Boat jungle_boat
Kelp kelp
Knowledge Book knowledge_book
Lapis Lazuli lapis_lazuli
Lava Bucket lava_bucket
Lead lead
Leather leather
Leather Boots leather_boots
Leather Cap leather_helmet
Leather Horse Armor leather_horse_armor
Leather Pants leather_leggings
Leather Tunic leather_chestplate
Light Blue Dye light_blue_dye
Light Gray Dye light_gray_dye
Lime Dye lime_dye
Lingering Potions lingering_potion
Llama Spawn Egg llama_spawn_egg
Magenta Dye magenta_dye
Magma Cream magma_cream
Magma Cube Spawn Egg magma_cube_spawn_egg
Map or Explorer Map filled_map
Melon Seeds melon_seeds
Melon Slice melon_slice
Milk Bucket milk_bucket
Minecart minecart
Banner Pattern (Thing) mojang_banner_pattern
Mooshroom Spawn Egg mooshroom_spawn_egg
Mule Spawn Egg mule_spawn_egg
Mushroom Stew mushroom_stew
Music Disc (11) music_disc_11
Music Disc (13) music_disc_13
Music Disc (Blocks) music_disc_blocks
Music Disc (Cat) music_disc_cat
Music Disc (Chirp) music_disc_chirp
Music Disc (Far) music_disc_far
Music Disc (Mall) music_disc_mall
Music Disc (Mellohi) music_disc_mellohi
Music Disc (Pigstep) music_disc_pigstep
Music Disc (Stal) music_disc_stal
Music Disc (Strad) music_disc_strad
Music Disc (Wait) music_disc_wait
Music Disc (Ward) music_disc_ward
Raw Mutton mutton
Name Tag name_tag
Nautilus Shell nautilus_shell
Netherite Axe netherite_axe
Netherite Boots netherite_boots
Netherite Chestplate netherite_chestplate
Netherite Helmet netherite_helmet
Netherite Hoe netherite_hoe
Netherite Ingot netherite_ingot
Netherite Leggings netherite_leggings
Netherite Pickaxe netherite_pickaxe
Netherite Scrap netherite_scrap
Netherite Shovel netherite_shovel
Netherite Sword netherite_sword
Nether Brick nether_brick
Nether Quartz quartz
Nether Star nether_star
Nether Wart nether_wart
Oak Boat oak_boat
Ocelot Spawn Egg ocelot_spawn_egg
Orange Dye orange_dye
Painting painting
Panda Spawn Egg panda_spawn_egg
Paper paper
Parrot Spawn Egg parrot_spawn_egg
Phantom Membrane phantom_membrane
Phantom Spawn Egg phantom_spawn_egg
Pig Spawn Egg pig_spawn_egg
Banner Pattern (Snout) piglin_banner_pattern
Piglin Spawn Egg piglin_spawn_egg
Piglin Brute Spawn Egg piglin_brute_spawn_egg
Pillager Spawn Egg pillager_spawn_egg
Pink Dye pink_dye
Poisonous Potato poisonous_potato
Polar Bear Spawn Egg polar_bear_spawn_egg
Popped Chorus Fruit popped_chorus_fruit
Raw Porkchop porkchop
Potato potato
Potions potion
Prismarine Crystals prismarine_crystals
Prismarine Shard prismarine_shard
Pufferfish pufferfish
Bucket of Pufferfish pufferfish_bucket
Pufferfish Spawn Egg pufferfish_spawn_egg
Pumpkin Pie pumpkin_pie
Pumpkin Seeds pumpkin_seeds
Purple Dye purple_dye
Raw Rabbit rabbit
Rabbit's Foot rabbit_foot
Rabbit Hide rabbit_hide
Rabbit Spawn Egg rabbit_spawn_egg
Rabbit Stew rabbit_stew
Ravager Spawn Egg ravager_spawn_egg
Redstone Dust redstone
Red Dye red_dye
Rotten Flesh rotten_flesh
Saddle saddle
Raw Salmon salmon
Bucket of Salmon salmon_bucket
Salmon Spawn Egg salmon_spawn_egg
Scute scute
Shears shears
Sheep Spawn Egg sheep_spawn_egg
Shield shield
Shulker Shell shulker_shell
Shulker Spawn Egg shulker_spawn_egg
Silverfish Spawn Egg silverfish_spawn_egg
Skeleton Horse Spawn Egg skeleton_horse_spawn_egg
Skeleton Spawn Egg skeleton_spawn_egg
Banner Pattern (Skull Charge) skull_banner_pattern
Slimeball slime_ball
Slime Spawn Egg slime_spawn_egg
Snowball snowball
Spectral Arrow spectral_arrow
Spider Eye spider_eye
Spider Spawn Egg spider_spawn_egg
Splash Potions splash_potion
Spruce Boat spruce_boat
Squid Spawn Egg squid_spawn_egg
Steak cooked_beef
Stick stick
Stone Axe stone_axe
Stone Hoe stone_hoe
Stone Pickaxe stone_pickaxe
Stone Shovel stone_shovel
Stone Sword stone_sword
Stray Spawn Egg stray_spawn_egg
Strider Spawn Egg strider_spawn_egg
String string
Sugar Cane sugar_cane
Sugar sugar
Suspicious Stew suspicious_stew
Sweet Berries sweet_berries
Tipped Arrows tipped_arrow
Minecart with TNT tnt_minecart
Totem of Undying totem_of_undying
Trader Llama Spawn Egg trader_llama_spawn_egg
Trident trident
Tropical Fish tropical_fish
Bucket of Tropical Fish tropical_fish_bucket
Tropical Fish Spawn Egg tropical_fish_spawn_egg
Turtle Shell turtle_helmet
Turtle Spawn Egg turtle_spawn_egg
Vex Spawn Egg vex_spawn_egg
Villager Spawn Egg villager_spawn_egg
Vindicator Spawn Egg vindicator_spawn_egg
Wandering Trader Spawn Egg wandering_trader_spawn_egg
Warped Fungus on a Stick warped_fungus_on_a_stick
Water Bucket water_bucket
Wheat Seeds wheat_seeds
Wheat wheat
White Dye white_dye
Witch Spawn Egg witch_spawn_egg
Wither Skeleton Spawn Egg wither_skeleton_spawn_egg
Wolf Spawn Egg wolf_spawn_egg
Wooden Axe wooden_axe
Wooden Hoe wooden_hoe
Wooden Pickaxe wooden_pickaxe
Wooden Shovel wooden_shovel
Wooden Sword wooden_sword
Written Book written_book
Yellow Dye yellow_dye
Zoglin Spawn Egg zoglin_spawn_egg
Zombie Horse Spawn Egg zombie_horse_spawn_egg
Zombie Spawn Egg zombie_spawn_egg
Zombie Villager Spawn Egg zombie_villager_spawn_egg
Zombified Piglin Spawn Egg zombified_piglin_spawn_egg