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Entity Namespaced ID
Blaze blaze
Cave Spider cave_spider
Creeper creeper
Drowned drowned
Elder Guardian elder_guardian
Ender Dragon ender_dragon
Enderman enderman
Endermite endermite
Evoker evoker
Ghast ghast
Giant giant
Guardian guardian
Hoglin hoglin
Husk husk
Illusioner illusioner
Magma Cube magma_cube
Phantom phantom
Piglin piglin
Pillager pillager
Ravager ravager
Shulker shulker
Silverfish silverfish
Skeleton skeleton
Slime slime
Spider spider
Stray stray
Vex vex
Vindicator vindicator
Witch witch
Wither wither
Wither Skeleton wither_skeleton
Zoglin zoglin
Zombie zombie
Zombie Villager zombie_villager
Zombified Piglin zombified_piglin
Bat bat
Cat cat
Chicken chicken
Cod cod
Cow cow
Dolphin dolphin
Donkey donkey
Fox fox
Horse horse
Iron Golem iron_golem
Llama llama
Mooshroom mooshroom
Mule mule
Ocelot ocelot
Panda panda
Parrot parrot
Pig pig
Polar Bear polar_bear
Pufferfish pufferfish
Rabbit rabbit
Salmon salmon
Sheep sheep
Skeleton Horse skeleton_horse
Snow Golem snow_golem
Squid squid
Strider strider
Trader Llama trader_llama
Tropical Fish tropical_fish
Turtle turtle
Villager villager
Wandering Trader wandering_trader
Wolf wolf
Zombie Horse zombie_horse
Entity Namespaced ID
Area Effect Cloud area_effect_cloud
Armor Stand armor_stand
End Crystal end_crystal
Evoker Fangs evoker_fangs
Fishing Bobber fishing_bobber
Item Frame item_frame
Leash Knot leash_knot
Lightning Bolt lightning_bolt
Painting painting
Entity Namespaced ID
Arrow and Tipped Arrow arrow
Dragon Fireball dragon_fireball
Thrown Egg egg
Thrown Ender Pearl ender_pearl
Thrown Bottle o' Enchanting experience_bottle
Eye of Ender eye_of_ender
Ghast Fireball fireball
Firework Rocket firework_rocket
Llama Spit llama_spit
Potion potion
Shulker Bullet shulker_bullet
Blaze Fireball and Fire Charge small_fireball
Snowball snowball
Spectral Arrow spectral_arrow
Trident trident
Wither Skull wither_skull
Entity Namespaced ID
Boat boat
Minecart with Chest chest_minecart
Minecart with Command Block command_block_minecart
Minecart with Furnace furnace_minecart
Minecart with Hopper hopper_minecart
Minecart minecart
Minecart with Spawner spawner_minecart
Minecart with TNT tnt_minecart
Entity Namespaced ID
Falling Block falling_block
Primed TNT tnt
Entity Namespaced ID
Experience Orb experience_orb
Item item