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Java Edition Infdev 20100320

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Minecraft Infdev
Infdev 2010-03-20.png

Java Edition

Release date

March 20, 2010


Client (.json)
No corresponding server

The fourth version of Minecraft Infdev was released on March 20, 2010.[1]


  • Trees have been re-implemented and now generate naturally.
  • Ore now generates naturally.
    • It ignores height, allowing for any ore to generate on cliffs.
    • They spawn only in veins of one ore.
    • Rarity seems to be implemented; coal ore is very common, iron ore and gold ore are somewhat common (and they seem to be the same rarity), and diamond ore is rare.



  • Fire can now be properly extinguished.
  • Opening containers (i.e. chests and furnaces) no longer crashes the game.
  • "Way fewer crash bugs".[2]