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Minecraft Indev
Indev 2010-02-07 release 1.png

Java Edition

Release date

February 7, 2010


Client (.json)
No corresponding server

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A version of Minecraft Indev was released on February 7, 2010.[1]



  • Added new splashes:
    • "Exploding creepers!"
    • "That's not a moon!"
    • "l33t!"
    • "Create!"
    • "Survive!"
    • "Dungeon!"
    • "Exclusive!"
    • "The bee's knees!"
    • "Down with O.P.P.!"
    • "Closed source!"
    • "Classy!"
    • "Wow!"
    • "Not on steam!"
    • "9.95 euro!"
    • "Half price!"
    • "Oh man!"
    • "Check it out!"
    • "Awesome community!"
    • "Pixels!"
    • "Teetsuuuuoooo!"
    • "Kaaneeeedaaaa!"
    • "Now with difficulty!"
    • "Enhanced!"
    • "90% bug free!"
    • "Pretty!"
    • "12 herbs and spices!"
    • "Fat free!"
    • "Absolutely no memes!"
    • "Free dental!"
    • "Ask your doctor!"
    • "Minors welcome!"
    • "Cloud computing!"
    • "Legal in Finland!"
    • "Hard to label!"
    • "Technically good!"



  • Switched sound system to use OpenAL.


  1. And software sound is now gone – The Word of Notch, February 7, 2010